New Girl – Season 3 Episode 15 – Exes Review


ImageThe battle of the exes begins at the Farmers Market. Jess and Nick see Caroline, Nick’s ex girlfriend. Naturally, Jess always getting involved tells Nick to arrange a meeting with Caroline so he can say all he needs to say and stop acting so awkwardly. In reality, Jess loves to go to the market, so she wants no weird mojo around.

At the same time, Jess is always texting with one of her exes from a long time ago (guest starring Adam Brody). The boys insist and tell Jess that being friends with an ex only means ‘possible sex’, with even Coach saying ‘can’t spell sex without the ex’. It was his only good line. 

Sadly, Nick being the massive coward he is, forgets to mention to Caroline that he is now dating Jess, so when she sees them together the woman just freaked like it was Studio 54. Jess gets upset so she calls her ex (how unexpected) and what started as a ‘therapy chat’ turned into full on flirting from him. Jess was having none of it, but it was hard for her to say much since Nick was around and Caroline was acting like a psycho banging on the door. Eventually once she entered the premises, Nick told her the truth, that he never cheated but he did fall in love with Jess since she first walked through the door. Awwwwwwwww.


Schmidt is living a lonely life in his super awesome apartment. As usual, he gets way more than what he asked for. He decides to invite Winston and Coach around and gives them a set of keys. After his dry-spell ( who knew?), Schmidt finally manages to pull a girl at a bar. By the time he gets home, Coach is in his apartment pretending to be Schmidt and seducing a girl, while Winston was already getting busy in the guest room. 


Bad move guys! However, Schmidt who seemed desperate for some good old fun, decides that it’s best to continue with the plan. Unfortunately the ladies didn’t buy it and they all ended up alone. At least they had that table-beer fridge.




Coach is annoying. Fix it!

Why is Cece not around more often?

Why bring back the exes? It’s part of every relationship but it was a bit too in our faces.

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