Being Human (US) – Season 4 Episode 5 – Pack It Up, Pack It In Review

ImageLast week Being Human left us with Kat laughing in disbelief and now it’s Kat passing out. After she discovers the truth and confirms it by listening to Aidan’s non-existent heartbeat, she starts asking all kinds of questions. He answers all of them truthfully and then she gets upset and he leaves. Aghhh.

In his heartbreak, he ‘casually’ sees Kenny, who is willing to help him get through the pain. The answer? Party with bag stuff and no killing, just bingeing on clean, good old blood bags.

In between all this hectic heart pain, Nora and Josh are trying to do the good thing as usual. They visit Caroline and Andrew, the couple with the werewolf baby. They also offer to throw a baby shower. 


When the shower actually happens, it goes from shower to party disaster. Andrew invites other werewolf couples that belong to a pack that he wants to join. This whole situation has Josh extremely nervous and tells his friend to keep an eye on these other wolves. Poor Josh is also dealing with his sister, who is visiting after spending time in rehab. Now she’s stuck in a house full of werewolves and a party like it’s 1999. 


Speaking of time, Sally is still jumping around, first she tells Josh about his 2001 first experience, lol, and after she travels to the 1930s? (40s?) and sees Aidan being a true monster. Back when he was really really evil and killing without regret. When she returns to the present she understands why Aidan is such a good guy and really tries hard to restrict himself. Good guy Aidan, awww.


Josh’s stress level hits the roof when Kenny and Aidan show up to the party, full of werewolves and eventually end up kicking some werewolf ass. The perks of bingeing I suppose..

Kenny didn’t do bad for himself. He’s now dating Astrid, a werewolf hottie and Aidan just couldn’t believe his eyes. 


Nora and Josh end up joining the pack just like Caroline and Andrew. This might have not been the best decision, but it sure seemed like it in the end. Their points were very valid, it is good to know other wolves, you know, just in case..

Kat agrees to see Aidan (after he compells her of course), tells her he truly loves her and it all ended on a sweet kiss.

Suzanah wasn’t around so she’s probably up to something evil. 


Sally being able to time travel and do all kinds of spells has been my favourite part of the season so far! 

Kenny’s tshirt that said ‘i suck’. Nice pun kiddo.

Aidan looked sexy, even with that mustache. I’ll blame it on the era. 

The Ninja’s Assistant


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