Brooklyn Nine – Nine – Season 1 Episode 16 – The Party Review

ImageIt’s Holt’s birthday this week, and the Nine-Nine all get an invite to the party from Holt’s husband, Kevin. They’re all pumped, but Holt tells them there will be no presents or singing of happy birthday in his usual deadpan manner. I’ve been wondering when we’d get to meet Holt’s husband (16 episodes later…), and at The Party, we find out that he’s an intellectual journalist. I wasn’t surprised, only because Holt is pretty well refined and is classy, too.

ImageTerry can already see things going wrong, so he calls everyone in for a meeting and discusses the etiquette of Adult Parties, how to behave, and more importantly how not to ruin the party. They all break rule one and turn up with the same bottle of wine (something cheap), and Kev’s not too impressed. Terry sees that some people (no guesses) are already on the way to screwing things up, so he calls a huddle and lays down the law.

ImageSantiago and Peralta are just a nightmare at The Party. Santiago is casing the Captains house, taking note of what she also owns, and what she needs to buy to get ‘closer’ to Holt. Peralta is just an idiot. He spends the whole night looking for a copy of The New Yorker so he can read an article and impress Kevin. As usual, he just manages to make himself look like the Nine-Nine’s resident fool.

ImageBoyle blew me away this week. He finally stopped pining over Rosa and ended up meeting a woman at Holt’s party. Boyle dropped the nervous, clumsy act, and managed to woo her successfully. If you’d asked me two weeks ago I would have said no, there’s no way Boyle could pull it off, so it was a pleasant surprise.

ImageAfter Santiago and Peralta get busted in Holt’s bathroom (clearly breaking the don’t go upstairs policy) the party is ruined. To make it up to Holt, Peralta goes to Kevin’s office and tells him he’s found the perfect way to make up for ruining Holt’s birthday. The whole team pitched in, and set up a romantic dinner date for the two of them.

ImageNice save, guys!


The Ninja



– Boyle’s growing on me A LOT!

– Terry killed me with the post huddle: “Be appropriate, on three.”

– Please tone Peralta down, FOX!


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