Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Season 1 Episode 17 – Full Boyle Review

ImageFinally, an episode that really showed us what this show is about. Boyle wasn’t used enough before, and was hugely underdeveloped, but they remedied that in one (okay, maybe two) episodes. We’re seeing a totally different Boyle now, and it was high time they kicked the obsession with Rosa to the curb. They even might have explained it a little along the way.

ImageFull Boyle was all about what happens to Boyle when he falls in love. He goes ‘full Boyle’, every move he makes only helps to destroy the relationship further, and Peralta takes it upon himself to help Boyle out. The whole Nine-Nine notices that Boyle has taken a turn after meeting Vivian, and it’s confirmed when Peralta starts working on an undercover assignment with Boyle. They’re trying to bust The Black Cab holdups, where tourists have been taken to shady parts of town and robbed at gunpoint.

ImageRosa and Santiago are working together and miss a beat when Super Dan comes into the Nine-Nine precinct building and they dismiss him. Granted, his super hero outfit was dodgy as anything, and the bed-sheet cape probably didn’t help, but it turns out he’s got hundreds of surveillance pictures of drug dealers and could be a useful asset. Nice one, girls! Terry has to come in a give them a shove. He teaches them that they’ve got a duty to protect and serve everyone.

ImageHolt gets Gina’s help on the campaign trail as he’s running for AAGLNYCPA, an association that protects gay, black, new york police officers. We even got a little flashback snap of Holt (with hair) while we were at it. He eventually comes to realise (by Gina giving him a pep talk) that he needs to hand the association over, and pulls out of the race for presidency.

ImagePeralta and Boyle stole the show this week, and the full Boyle issues were hilarious. It was not only great to see another side to Boyle, but I could not stop laughing. They end up macing each other, mainly to stop Boyle from proposing to Vivian then and there.

ImageAfter going out on a double date with Boyle, Vivian and her friend, Peralta realises something. Vivian’s also gone full Boyle, and he encourages Boyle to ask her to marry him. He does, and is now engaged!

This show, huh!?

The Ninja


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