New Girl – Season 3 Episode 16 – Sister Review


We got to see a little of everyone in Sister, even though the main focus of the episode was Jess having to deal with her sister, Abby. Jess’ mom calls to say her sister’s been arrested and is in jail in San Diego, leaving Jess to deal with the fallout. It’s clear they’re pretty different, and I just wondered why it took almost three whole seasons to meet Abby.

ImageSchmidt needs Nick’s help this week, he needs a wingman to help with his latest target. They go and crash a bar-mitzvah so that Schmidt can try to woo his latest lady. The only problem is that her dad is a Rabbi, and has no intention of letting Schmidt date his daughter. Nick’s role as wingman is to run interference, distracting the Rabbi as much as possible. Of course they fail to get it right. Seeing some old school wing-manning clips was great, and showed us how they’d successfully done it in the past.

ImageAfter everyone else bails out, Winston and Bertie have to have their soup night with only Coach and Cece.


It’s been pretty awkward between Coach and Cece ever since they hooked up, and this party was no different. Coach loses his marbles and confronts Cece, leaving it clear there’s some unresolved issues. They make out again after the soup night is over, and with it being so terrible, they just agree to forget it and be friends.

Jess’s sister is crazy, and it worked to balance out Jess’ well behaved side (for the most part). Jess does her best to keep Nick and her sister apart, and poor Nick blames himself. He finds out that Jess isn’t embarrassed of him, but more of her sister, and that’s why she didn’t want them to meet. Abby says she’ll be sticking around for a while, and I had to wonder if the writers figured the old story lines were running a bit stale and decided to flood us with new characters? It opens up the potential for some new scenarios, and some new laughs, so it might not be the worst thing.

The Ninja


– Jess’ car is killing me!

– Nick getting laid of by Dr Nussbaum was pretty funny, even though it screwed Schmidt over totally.

– Will Abby stay around for long?

– I missed this Schmidt…



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