Pretty Little Liars – Season 4 Episode 19 – Shadow Play Review

Picture 19Pretty Little Liars rarely has any filler episodes. If they do, they air them during Halloween or some holiday to disguise it. This week we got that kind of feeling but it was black and white. For real, after Spencer finds Ali’s diary under Ezra’s desk, and her usual dose of pills, she goes to a land of the trippin’.

Picture 18

Everything transformed into a black and white film, it was actually really cool. Everything about the episode was different and fun. The clothes were fantastic, the whole atmosphere felt really mysterious and it was overall mysterious, and dark.

Picture 21

Picture 20

Even the story was great! Spencer gets busted taking her pills by Toby, and even Alison shows up, twice! Thanks for confusing us and making us think for the first half of the episode that this was all going somewhere. Granted, it was all in Spencer’s mind, just a way for her to put the pieces together. However, everything was so similar to our usual plot that at one point it wasn’t clear if it was reality or fantasy. Perhaps that’s what the writers were going for, but it was a bit pointless to have a whole plot in black and white, and then go back to modern times just to realise none of it had happened.

Picture 22

Aria is in her house, kissing with the enemy. After Spencer has her ‘vision’ she tells the girls that finding the diary in Ezra’s desk was way too easy. Can’t argue with that. It wasn’t long until she compared the pictures she had on her phone with the pages of the diary. Someone had changed minor details such as months, swapping days of the week and names of places. Clearly whatever they’re hiding they don’t want it found. It’s up to them to find Aria, and tell her the truth about Ezra.

Picture 23

Perhaps this episode was a bit of fun for the writers and everyone in the production, but as a fan I needed a bit more. Although the episode was a lot about Spencer, and let’s face it she deserves the screen time, it didn’t give me anything. It was like giving a kid a chocolate bar and then taking it away.

This was my reaction: ‘Are you tellin’ me I’ve watched 20 mins of this black and white old school Spencer film, just to find out she imagined it in her head?!’ Ain’t nobody got time for that!

It was fun, don’t get me wrong, I loved the music and the mystery, but if it’s all fake then what’s the point. I watch this for the thrill factor, and this was a wasted chance.


Everyone looked so beautiful, kudos for that!

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