Teen Wolf – Season 3 Episode 18 – Riddled Review

Picture 15Let the crazy show begin! This week again, the team had to work without Stiles. The reason this week is different, he’s gone missing!

Scott receives a call from his friend, telling him he’s been kidnapped and he is trapped somewhere. The only thing is, Stiles tells Scott to please not tell his dad. As if Scott had ever called the police to solve an issue before. It’s usually after the madness that they show up to pick up the pieces. While Scott gathers the team, we see Stiles is trapped in a room with a horrible creature speaking in Japanese. Then there’s the shot of his foot stuck in what appears to be a bear trap. How very SAW of them.

Picture 12

While Lydia is busy trying to paint Aiden as one of her french girls, lolz,Picture 2

she starts to hear voices. She ends up telling Stiles dad that he’s missing and everyone meets up at the hospital to see if they can find him. It was like the first stop of a tour from hell. Even Scott’s dad is back! Shit gets really freaky when Lydia goes to Stiles’ bedroom at home and finds red pieces of string along with news clippings and photos. She touches a string, and suddenly hears voices that tell her exactly ‘where he is’. Wrong Lydia!

Picture 6

To not drag this anymore, it’s enough to say that Stiles was indeed, asleep. Sleepwalking. It was all like a nightmare where the evil creature was him and it’s just something you need to watch. Dark spirits taking control of teenage bodies always makes for good TV. Sadly for Stiles, everyone thinks he’s got dementia like his mum. His dad is worried he will have the same fate as her.

Kira and her mum are both little electrical foxes. Kira’s mum knows about her daughter’s newly acquired powers so, perhaps she will give her a few tips.

Picture 16

Derek and Scott are in trouble when a huge power surge hits the hospital. Cables are flying on the roof and while Stiles is having an MRI, he is talking to the evil guy. So now it’s up to poor Kira to save them, since she’s fox-electric!


Next week there has to be more excitement and more craziness. They’ve made us crave it, now deliver!

The Ninja’s Assistant


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