Twisted – Season 1 Episode 12 – Out With The In-Crowdz Review

Picture 26Twisted is back, and it returned with some  new revelations. After Danny keeps being framed for Regina Crane’s murder, he runs away when he hears his dad could be alive. He already had his suspicions, however, hearing his mum and the chief of police say it gave him a reason to keep searching. That’s why he runs away and decides to hide in Jo’s bedroom of all places.

Picture 27

Jo clearly doesn’t want to see him and pulls a bad move by shouting for her mum, and left Danny with no choice but to escape through Jo’s window. The poor girl is a bit bitter at the moment, she even bursts into tears in front of her mum while telling her she slept with Tyler. She’s clearly conflicted and understandably, upset.

Picture 29

Danny is crashing with Rico, and eventually he finally gets to see Lacie. It was a bit awkward, but cute. Obviously Danny asks Lacie for help to find his dad, and she’s down! Lacie might have nice intentions, but she’s a really bad liar. After she bumps into Jo at the diner, she starts giggling and rambling. Naturally, Jo follows her and finds all three of them (Lacie, Danny and Rico).

Picture 33

Picture 32

Danny takes the opportunity to tell them what truly happened the day his aunt was murdered. He came back from school and his aunt was lying dead on the floor while Vikram, Danny’s dad, pretty much forced him to say it was him. It really made the viewer connect with the character. When you’re a child the last thing you want is for your parents to disappear, and Danny didn’t understand the consequences of confessing at the time. He did reveal that his aunt knew a lot of secrets, or so his dad told him.

After Jo arranges for a meeting with Danny and his dad, he actually shows up in a cabin in the woods. Vikram starts to tell Danny a whole story about how he faked his death because people are still trying to kill him. He isn’t too pleased to see Jo there, and so disaster begins. Jo runs away and eventually Vikram catches up to her. Danny fights with his dad and ends up pushing him down a cliff. Now he’s actually killed someone. As Jo and Danny looked down at what they’d done, someone else was watching them.

Picture 39


Picture 42


Karen and Jack? What was going on?

To see Jo’s mum leaving Vikram a voicemail comes as no surprise, but I don’t agree with her choices. It isn’t fair to be abusing her husband’s police resources to help Vikram and keep it a secret. At least let us know what’s going on.

The new guy Charlie, guess they needed a replacement for Lacie’s ex..

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