Baby Daddy – Season 3 Episode 5 – Life’s a Beach

ImageThis week, the guys turn the roof space into a makeshift Beach. When you live in the city you’ve got to make do with what you’ve got, and the guys do that well by not only sunbathing, but by setting up a volleyball net too. They get shut down pretty quickly by the not so friendly building president, Sandra, and Ben decided he’s going to run against her.

ImageHe quickly realises (because Bonnie tells him) that he’s not the most likeable guy in the building, and so he forces Tucker into it.

ImageThey both then see that actually Danny is probably the guy to use. He helps the old ladies with their bags, and his body gets a lot of votes from the younger ladies. I did wonder if there were no men living in the building though. Weren’t many around!

ImageMeanwhile, Brad hits on Riley in the bar where Ben works and of course she tells Bonnie. Bon Bon flips out when her BS meter hits the roof. Brad says he’s got a twin brother called Tad, and that he must have been the one who hit on Riley.  Bonnie makes Brad set up a meeting with both of the twins to get to the bottom of her little conundrum.

Danny develops his technique when it comes to winning votes, to the point where Tucker starts calling him Ab Lincoln. If in doubt, good old Danny just whips off his shirt and that usually gets the job done. He hits a brick wall when he has to get the vote of an 80 year old woman and he realises he’s got to adapt the strategy. He gives the old lady a hug after being a bull in a china shop and ruining the place, and she dies in his arms.

ImageIt looks like Brad’s strategy is to run in and out of the restaurant (sometimes with glasses on) to convince the girls that there’s two of them. Bonnie’s not buying it, and I was dying when she kept tallying up the scores for who’d been in more out of Brad and Tad.

ImageTurns out he wasn’t lying, because after the girls leave, Riley has to go back for her bag and sees both of the twins together. Needless to say Bonnie’s not happy that she dumped Brad for no reason.

ImageThe boys set up a camera in the laundry room and catch Sandra stealing the detergent. She’s been thieving all along and they use it to leverage the presidency off of her. Classically, when Danny finds out how much works it actually is, they give it straight back to her, but all is not lost. She has drinks with them on the roof, for as long as they can stand to be around her.

I kinda hope she stays around. They’ve needed a new character or two, and after Angela came and went, it would be good to have someone like Sandra around. Granted, probably in small doses because she’s quite annoying, but funny nonetheless. The guys clearly can’t handle any responsibility (apart from looking after Emma), so it’s probably a good thing they didn’t get hold of the presidency!

The Ninja


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