Helix – Season 1 Episode 7 – Survivor Zero Review

ImageThis is definitely not a drill. Things are finally heating up and more trouble arrives to the facility from hell. ‘Survivor Zero’ was about survival for sure, and every character is fighting to either find answers, a cure or a glimpse of what they all used to be.

It’s only day 7 since the CDC arrived to the facility, and there is already so much mystery and conflict that Hatake’s corporate patrons have stopped by for a visit. More specifically, Constance Sutton (hiya Jeri Ryan), is a woman who works for Ilaria Co. but who clearly has a hidden agenda just like everybody else.


Her entrance was a bit ‘storm troopers in the snow’, and it instantly made the point that she is here to stay. The attempt to find a cure and contain the disease is now in her hands, and she makes it very clear that she wants to stay updated on everything that is happening. She had a private chat with Hetake, and it went from awkward business chat to ‘perhaps you’re full of shit’. Damn, that escalated quickly…

As it was predicted last week, Hetake is not really the bad guy here. There is a much bigger picture and it involves Constance, her silver eyes (just like Hetake and Jules) and the missing children we learned about last episode.

Constance’s arrival has Alan quite nervous, and he insists that she must not be trusted. He will still try to find a cure, but first he needs to get Jules back from level R. Connie , lol, agrees and gathers a team so they can all go down and find her. We all know that Hetake is not going to let that happen, or that would mean death for Dr Jules.


Anana (i just can’t it’s too funny) and Balleseros make it back to the facility. Call me skeptical, but why kidnap him and drag him all the way to her house only to return to the same place? Surely you go prepared and strike then and there. Oh well, this is Helix so things are not really always what they seem.


In the depths of level R, Jules is trying to train herself to move around the facility with a band over her eyes and the help of Peter the ghost. If she opens them, huge pain strikes, like a mega migraine. Things go tits when a vector (infected patient) came out of nowhere and tried to attack her. However, she was quickly scared off by the sight of Jules’ bright eyes.


After some teeth filing of her own (creepy), Constance goes back to bitching about in the office. She finds Daniel and tells him that Hetake cannot be trusted. She also pulled out the sexy card by making out with Balleseros. Now we know who was sending him all those texts and instructions! Connie ‘Silver Eyes’.

ImageThe whole point was for Balleseros to find out if Hetake had gone off the rails with his projects. Clearly, he has. However, he does have some sort of a good heart, because he helps Jules again and brings her to his office. Only to be confronted by Daniel and Anana who already spent some time catching up.

ImageHaving Constance and Alan going down with backup to try and find Jules was a total rip off of Left 4 Dead. That scene was taken from the video game, or at least inspired by it. It was identical.

The trip downtown to level R must have gone wrong, because now there are three new infected vectors walking around the ‘safe’ side of the facility. Although Alan finally gets to see Jules (and healthy), this happiness won’t last long.


So, if you think you’ve had a bad week, think of those 7 days inside the Helix facility.

It looked like the fire was extinguishing, but now it feels like they are pumping coal to it at full speed!


Silver eyes are awesome

Anything that makes me have to file my teeth is a big no no! What kind of ability does Constance have?

The place is very antiseptic, however Hetake’s office is like a freakin’ Zen garden.

Balleseros you are a fool.

The Ninja’s Assistant


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