Being Human (US) – Season 4 Episode 6 – Cheater of the Pack Review

ImageWell oh well, it seems that we have a cheater in the room. Poor Josh, it really hasn’t been the best of times for him recently, and things just keep going from bad to worse. Not just for him, but for everybody else.

In this episode, Josh wakes up after running with the pack. Unfortunately it wasn’t Nora lying beside him, but Wendy, Mark’s wife. Mark is the other werewolf who just looks like trouble. This obviously leaves Josh under tremendous stress, he doesn’t know if he should tell Nora, and well Wendy is just being Wendy. She wants Josh to ’embrace the wolf’. Girl’s horny and is using animal instinct as an excuse. Image

As if all this chaos wasn’t enough, Robbie shows up. He’s Sally’s brother and has come bearing bad news. The guys have 30 days to vacate the premises. He’s selling the house and has already lined up some viewings. He clearly wants to get rid of the place. Since none of the guys have the money to even consider buying the property they start to plot ways to stay.

Sally, who is understandably pissed off, casts a spell to make the house smell like the smelliest house in the world, and in the process disappears to one of her plains. This time, she’s transported to the time when she first moved to the house with her then fiancée. She realised her brother Robbie didn’t really like her fiancée, not because of jealousy, but because of the creep factor, and he knew all along that something wasn’t right with the house. Damn was he right! Sometimes it takes a lifetime to figure things out, huh?

During Sally’s escapade, a family views the house, and there was a glance of Lil Smokie inside the closet scaring the living crap out of an 8 year old. It was great. She clearly doesn’t want them to leave, or at least Sally. Regrettably, while Robbie was doing some much needed DIY around the house, he was electrocuted. By the time Sally returned her brother could see her because he was dead too. Guess it’s time to call Donna?


Josh tells Nora it’s time to move out just the two of them and live like a married couple. Nora knows something isn’t quite right but she blames it on all the changes that Josh has been going through. Thinks took a turn for the worse when Mark and Wendy showed up at the house. Wendy being stupid (duh) told Mark that she had wolf sex with Josh. Why?!!! This ain’t Woodstock girl!!! Mark is furious and tries to kick the shizzle out of Josh. Suddenly, Mark pushed Nora and poor Josh just lost it. He turned, and attacked Mark. If it hadn’t been for good old Nora, that man would be dead meat now. Nora is pissed now though.. See what you’ve done Wendy?!


Aidan is dealing with his own demons after running out of blood bags. His binge with Kenny left him high and dry and close to feeding off people. Suzanna to the rescue! She takes him for a drink, and we got to discover a bit more about her current life, rather than her corset-wearing days.


She’s a bartender and a smart one, who ends up having BAR SEX with Aidan. It was different this time, she didn’t want Aidan to turn and to be honest it seemed way too easy (sorry Suzanna).




They make a pact where she is not allowed to kill vampires and he’s not allowed to binge. Aidan ends up binging and killing a girl. Of course.



What’s going to happen between Nora and Josh?

Bartender is the best profession for a vampire. Late shifts, paid in cash, easy source of blood from drunk people.

Getting over Kat took no time!

Show yourself, Lil Smokie!


The Ninja’s Assistant




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