Teen Wolf – Season 3 Episode 19 – Letharia Vulpina Review

ImageWhat does the fox say? Boom!

Teen Wolf got everyone gripping their seats like there’s no tomorrow. Although the whole fox thing was introduced halfway through, and it has been a bit of an ambiguous ride. It did not disappoint. The show might not have the best skills to go into depth with every supernatural creature, considering they change villains and story lines so often, but it just works.

It all started with Dr. Deaton, vet and druid in his spare time. He goes to save a japanese gangster wolf that was poisoned, but he ends up stealing a neon green plant from the same garden where the japanese guy was killed. The plant, which looks like moss is very effective for poisoning wolves and foxes. It has all been pretty tangled, but it eventually makes sense, have faith. He leaves, but not before paralising some japanese gangsters and wolf, and taking the plant with him. Just a sample though, don’t picture him running around with a wedding centre piece.



Conveniently, last week Kira was left to save everyone when a huge loose cable was whipping outside the hospital. Turns out it was just a decoy from the writers to take Isaac out of the episode after he tries to help but ends up electrocuted on the floor.


Guess that’s one member less to help out with what’s ahead. He’s at the hospital, and for starters that room did not look like a hospital room. It was of an operating theatre/teen mom set/ turned hospital room. I don’t know if it was bad production or just trying to make it cool somehow..


With Stiles missing for more than 48hrs, everyone assumes the worst. Nobody can seem to find him and his dad only got a text saying: I’m ok, don’t look for me. Standard teenager right there.

Meanwhile, Chris Argent (Allison’s dad) and Derek have a chat. Chris is being set up by the japanese mafia, or so he thinks. They both end up being arrested, and it’s clear it is Stiles who’s setting them up, since the japanese guy they accused is dead. Things have just been going so wrong. So much talent, so little effort!


Coach gets an arrow to the chest at the trail in the woods. Stiles returns and his bff Scott is buying his BS. Not long after, someone comes to the conclusion that there was a bomb inside the school bus. It was just a trick to lure them all to the school while the real bomb was blowing up at the police station. Chris and Derek were there and it was Stiles who plotted everything.


There was also a very strange moment with Kira’s parents. I still don’t know what they’re up to, but she is the one who can summon the ghost warriors or whatever they are by breaking fox tails. Call me intrigued. Kira warns Scott and they both kicked ass!!! Unfortunately, Scott gets a katana straight in the chest, and when Kira wants to pull it out, Stiles knocks her out first.

It has been such a great character transformation, this evil fox Stiles is scary and mysterious. Not so scary though, when Dr Deaton injected him with the poison. However, he made it clear that the fox is poisoned, but it’s not dead yet.


There was also the revelation that Peter has a daughter. Allison and Lydia talk to him, and things get nasty, as usual. However, he did explain some things about Lydia’s power. It might be enfuriating, but if he hadn’t pushed her to the limit she would’ve never discovered her powers. Also, the screaming is not a power in itself, it’s just a tool to help her focus and listen more clearly. This show is good at giving fun-size bits of information, little by little every season. This doesn’t burn the plot so quickly and keeps the mystery going.




There is no way that during a bomb threat they would let the students hang out next to the school bus. Also, there is no way they would send in a 24 year old cop from Beacon Hills to do the dirty work. Oh well, i’ll drop it just because, STILES!!!!

Does the poison give them enough time to save Stiles?

Is Peter going to meet his daughter? Duh, of course he is!

The Ninja’s Assistant


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