The Walking Dead – Season 4 Episode 10 – Inmates Review

ImageAfter last weeks in depth look at what was going on with Michonne, Carl and Rick, we’re happy to find out what’s happened to all our favourite characters since the prison got taken down by the Governor. They’re all split up and scattered around the place, giving plenty of weird groupings, and new situations for problems.

Beth and Daryl are together, but are on the run. At least Beth is safe with him! She’s still a bit shaky from what happened to Herschel (still struggling myself, too), and is hesitant to kill walkers. Pretty quickly though, Daryl’s got her confidence up, and she stabs a walker clean through the forehead. This is what I meant about odd groupings. These two hadn’t spent much time together since the farm, and it gives the characters new skills and ultimately changes who they are as people.

ImageImageJudith is safe! Poor Tyrese has got a job ahead of him. Not only is he stuck with Judith, but he’s got Lizzie and Mika, too. I asked myself before this episode what could be the worst situation Judith could be in if she’s still alive, and I came out with being with two (or more) kids in a group, so I wasn’t far off! He hears people screaming, and sets off to help them. They’re pretty much walker breakfast by the time he gets there, and he realises he’s left the girls alone for nothing.

ImageCarol saves them, and they all join up with Tyrese again. Let’s see how that’s going to play out after she murdered his girlfriend last season!? They find a sign that leads to Terminus (whatever that is).

ImageMaggie, Sasha and Bob are together, and Maggie’s really losing her shiz. They come across the bus, and she has a freak out that Glenn’s one of the walkers inside. He’s not, and she breaks down in happiness. Might be a bit early for that, Maggs. She’s got to be one of the best characters on the show right now. If you think back to the Maggie we met on the farm, you’ll be amazed by how far she’s come. Granted, she’s also raging after watching her dad get beheaded (Who wouldn’t be?), but she’s so bad ass now it’s crazy.

ImageGlenn looks to be in the worst place of them all. He wakes up almost dangling off the edge of the prison wall. He’s all by himself, and there’s hundreds of walkers everywhere. He (pretty easily) makes his way into the prison, and back to his cell, where he gets the heavy duty armour. He then runs through a crowd of walkers, just to spot one of the governor’s people, Tara, hiding out. They’re gonna have to help each other, or they’ll both end up being Mcdonald’s for the dead. Glenn had no idea about Herschel, and Tara drops the bomb on him.

Another great episode to keep things moving, and I’m glad that all our favourite people are still alive in The Walking Dead.


– Judith’s alright!

– Tyrese and Carol are gonna throw down, big time.

– Terminus, really?

– Who the heck is Sergeant Abraham Ford?



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