Pretty Little Liars – Season 4 Episode 20 – Free Fall Review

ImageIt had all been way too easy and too good to be true. The whole Ezra plot was just a decoy, to keep us plastered to our TVs. So far, it was pretty obvious that Ezra had something to do with everything, but with Spencer going through her junkie phase, it’s been a tough ride. Having Spencer in a vulnerable situation proved that the group is not as smart as they think without Little Miss Hastings.

First, Ezra took the liberty to pull out Spencer’s school records after he found her passed out on his desk and shows them to Aria. Turns out she had a similar problem a couple of years ago. Aria can’t believe her eyes, so obviously goes and tells the rest of the girls who are as baffled as she is.  Spencer really needs to get her shit together, especially now that it’s crucial for them to figure out if Ezra is involved or not.


After the harsh intervention, Hanna is surprisingly skeptical. Spencer’s credibility is on the line, but Hanna somehow knows that ‘girl might be high, but she ain’t no fool’. Eventually, once everybody was calm, Spencer apologised to Hanna and Emily. This led them to come up with a plan, trick Ezra and see if he’s really A.


Whoever A is, knows that Alison didn’t get the money and the envelope that Shana was meant to hand her. However, if they pretend to know where Alison is and arrange a fake meeting, they hope Ezra will follow. Well, silly them because their plan failed miserably!

The meeting point was the snake pavilion at the zoo. Charming, as usual. Spencer was meant to arrive wearing a wig and looking like Ali, while Hanna and Emily kept a close eye for Ezra. He never showed up and Spencer was late, so whoever those two spotted wearing a wig was definitely not Ezra or Spencer. Also, the place went all dark as usual, making it ideal for our mystery guest to make a swift escape.


Aria starts becoming a bit suspicious of Ezra when he mentions some specific details about that time when Toby was ‘dead’. To be fair, she did go and tell Ezra all about Spencer’s intervention. Come on! Chicks before dicks Aria, that’s treason! She ends up going to the cabin and finds everything in the dungeon of doom! She also finds a manuscript for a book or something. As she’s about to leave she realises her keys are still inside. It’s too late sweetheart, aaaaand now you’re running in the woods. Soon after, she was trapped with Ezra on a ski lift.


This is where it gets both interesting and a bit disappointing. Ezra tells Aria a whole story about how he met Alison in college and how she lied about her age, etc. He then heard about her unsolved death, and decided to write a book. So, technically he already knew all the girls and their private secrets, but he was just doing ‘research’. However, he wasn’t expecting to fall in love. Hahahahaha.

Aria pulled out the manuscript threatening to read it, while hanging from the ski lift until all the pages flew away. Big mistake, why do that? Surely you keep it as amunition. To be fair, she had just found out her ‘true love’ and the man she defended from family and friends was indeed a traitor. Give two fudgesticks about him being A, she was just annoyed and disappointed.

Not as disappointed as Spencer’s mum, who’s already found out about her daughter’s midnight snacks. That woman terrifies me to the core. It’s great to see Spencer’s mum back. Why isn’t she in this more often??



Mona and Mike, I smell trouble

Ezra’s story seems credible, but now that A has the pages of the book, how do we know it isn’t just Ezra again?

How does A manage to always manipulate lights and sound? Even at the zoo?

Proud of Hanna for stepping up and having some faith in her friend Spencer.

The Ninja’s Assistant


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