Criminal Minds – Season 9 Episode 15 – Mr. and Mrs. Anderson Review

ImageStruggling with your married life? Too many years of boredom? Just call Mr. and Mrs. Anderson, they will teach you all about the excitements of marriage! Murder included.

The BAU comes across a married couple who are killing girls who no one’s gonna miss. They take them to motels and while the husband chokes them with a belt, the wife watches.┬áThe team isn’t aware it’s a duo at first, but it doesn’t take them long to figure it out. Their deductive abilities are always on point, and they discover more than they expected. The couple is also seeing a therapist, who encourages them to be more adventurous. Their answer is clearly murder and a bouquet of roses.


When a sexual sadist and an observer (someone who likes to watch people kill others) get married, it’s a ticking bomb waiting to happen. The wife decides it’s her turn to chose a victim and returns to the motel room with a young man. The husband murders him, and although she’s happy, it’s obvious now she’s gained some sort of power she isn’t ready to give it up. However, her husband is already desperate for another female victim, and this is when the team uncovers the truth.


The team find out Alan Anderson is also a lone wolf in his spare time. The necklace he gave his wife is from one of his latest victims. He was killing before he met Judith and has been doing so ever since. All this came to light thanks to a witness who was kind enough to relive the worst day of her life, thanks to JJ being pushy. I don’t know if the writers are giving her a bit more personality or something, but JJ is no longer that peaceful liaison we all once knew. She is a powerful woman, with a new found confidence.


The team arrests the wife, and she protects her husband all the way. It wasn’t until they found him almost killing the therapist that he could be stopped. This man was a psycho. What am I saying? This is CRIMINAL MINDS!


Hilarious when they showed her the picture of the necklace and how it belonged to a victim. She then lost it. All those pink roses he bought her meant jack..


Valentine’s Day Milkshakes!

Morgan and his gf are truly flawless

The Ninja’s Assistant


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