Twisted – Season 1 Episode 13 – Sins of the Father Review

ImageFor once, everyone seemed to find some closure, except for Danny. Him and Jo are still trying to figure out what to do, and it isn’t looking good for either of them. A guilty conscience takes its toll, and adds up to the pile of secrets that Twisted has to offer. There are new problems ahead no doubt, and it’s only a matter of time until the whole picture is revealed.

Danny is under massive stress after murdering his dad. First, he was up for walking out and leaving forever, but after some careful consideration he decided to stay for his mum, Lacie and Jo. Poor Jo is now involved in the whole situation and it’s obvious that she doesn’t know how to cope. Until eventually she’s like ‘well if we’re in the shit, we’re in the shit, yolo’ ..

Everyone is still looking for Danny, now he’s in the clear regarding Regina’s murder. Jo convinces him to go to her house, and he finally gets to go home and hang out with his mum. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple to live a normal life when you just murdered someone, so he’s visibly stressed and losing the plot a bit. No one really seems to get it, since he’s not a suspect in Regina’s case anymore. He knows though, and it’s painful to watch. 


Lacey is worried about Danny, so decides to go and talk to Gloria Crane, Regina’s mum. By the time the chief of police makes it to where Gloria is, they discover she was having an affair with Vikram, and that’s why Regina was blackmailing him. She also plotted against Danny, and put her daughter’s necklace in his locker to incriminate him. It was all a bit all over the place, but patience is a virtue and there are high hopes for more revelations. They also arrested Marilyn, who is obviously keeping quiet.


Speaking of affairs and keeping quiet, Jack and Karen are on their way to romance town. She seems skeptical, and although they have clearly hooked up in the past, she’s not convinced. Blame it on the fear that perhaps Vikram is still alive according to everybody else.


Jo’s mum called Vikram again and left him a zillion voicemails. This is all looking very bad for her. Whoever was watching the kids when Vikram fell, is now in possession of his phone and his dead body. Damn.




Lacey and Danny needs to happen, but I feel this Charlie and his chocolate factory are going to get in the way!

Everyone is off on their own search but soon they will bump heads because everyone is barking at the same tree!

That Vikram seemed to be a real piece of work huh?


The Ninja’s Assistant



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