Helix – Season 1 Episode 8 – Bloodline Review

ImageIt’s secrets galore at our favourite arctic facility. Hidden stories keep piling up, and with no cure in sight, the place is now a crazy house. Constance Sutton is on full force this episode, asserting her power in what she considers to be her project. The rest of the crew members are at the point where they would rather risk it all than let her continue her reign of terror.


Jules is happy to be healthy and alive, and in the heat of the moment tells Alan and Sarah that Hataki helped her the whole way. After showing her silver eyes to Sarah, they decide it’s time to do the full works and see what is truly going on. In the meantime, Alan goes to see Hataki, who tells him that Jules is special and virus free. Therefore, she needs to be kept safe before the corporation makes her their property and experiment with her.

Nothing ever goes right, and it seemed throughout the whole episode as if Constance was one step ahead. She kidnapped Jules, and made sure she found out Hataki’s soft spot for her. We also found out Constance and Hataki were in love, once. Hiroshi and Connie sitting in a tree.. of DNA

Adam and Sarah make a great discovery when they see Julia’s test results. She is completely healthy, however, she has no antibodies so she can’t help cure anybody. She’s also totally immune to vectors which is the best asset one can have right now. Julia made some discoveries of her own when she was left with a photo of her and Hataki. Technically, she’s his daughter. This is a big twist, since it was pretty obvious there was some sort of sexual tension, at least from his side. This is Helix and there is no explanation for what we encounter, we just deal with it one episode at a time.


Anana, Daniel’s sister, was there for a brief time. She was undercover but ended up leaving after her brother pretty much kicked her out. In a sweet way though. It was Balleseros who helped her escape, and he’s back arrested, however not for long.

Is this a Helix trend? They keep introducing new characters, only to make them disappear after a couple of episodes. Although I have a feeling Anana will be back, she’s definitely one of my least favourite additions. She is annoying and bossy and her whole family chat really pulls me away from the virus plot.


Team work ended up saving the day. Sarah and Alan made an ‘explosive’ sample to try and kill Constance, but failed miserably after one of her minions saved her in time. This was a good decoy for Jules to find Hataki and her answers, and for them to run away. They also used a sound machine used for crowd control to keep the Ilaria soldiers at bay. It was fun. Hataki killed Constance, choked her slowly and he was back in charge. See what I mean? She’s gone too!


The weird part was when he put her head inside a container in the snow. Is that protocol or just his crazy ways?


Jules is so powerful I love it

Constance dying means Hataki is back in charge so, what now? Is he going back to meanie?

Sergio Balleseros and Anana, no! Stop trying to make it happen, it’s awkward.

Finally good to see more input from Sarah, she’s smart and deserves more credit.

The Ninja’s Assistant


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