The Walking Dead – Season 4 Episode 11 – Claimed Review

ImageIt’s clear that at least for these few episodes where we’re getting back into things we’re going to spend our weeks following the different pockets of survivors from the prison, and see what they’re up to. This week, we go back to Carl, Rick and Michonne, but also have a lot of Glenn time. I guess the writers didn’t want to hold back on who the new characters are for another episode.ImageOf course it was Michonne at the door, who else was it going to be? Carl was happy to see another familiar face, and Rick was just happy that he had some more firepower on their side. He’s still struggling physically from his fight with the governor, and sends Carl and Michonne out on a run. Instead of guarding the place he falls asleep and wakes up to find a load of random guys in the house (Nice one, Rick!).

ImageMichonne opened up to Carl about her son. We’ve never heard her talk about it, and in a bit of a character reveal, she tells Carl that he’s the only one she’s ever told. Right after that, she rolls into a room of the house they’re in and finds a group of dead children (Cue sad feels).

ImageGlenn wakes up on the back of Abraham Ford’s truck. We’ve already seen Tara writing the directions to get back to the bus on her arm, and they try to ditch Ford and his buddies and move off. Rosita is some kind of Latina Lara Croft with the short shorts and everything, and Eugene is a doctor (cause all doctors have mullets don’t they!?). Not only has he been chatting to people in Washington, until a few weeks back, but he claims to know what’s caused the outbreak. It’s classified (because any of that shiz even exists anymore), and he’s keeping it to himself.

ImageFord and Glenn throw down, and while they’re messing about like brothers having a scrap the walkers close on them. It was great to see how bad a shot Dr Eugene is. Most people in this show put themselves through training, and magically after two episodes can take walkers down from a hundred feet with a pistol, so it was refreshing to see someone who couldn’t shoot. Not only did he miss most of the walkers, but he hit the truck’s petrol tank. Eugene 1 – Truck 0.

ImageRick manages to get out of the house just in time, and stops Carl and Michonne from getting shot (and by the sounds of the conversation, a lot else). They find the train tracks (pretty sure they all have by now), and decide to follow them to Terminus.

ImageHopefully, before long everyone will head there and be reunited.


Keep it up, TWD.



The Ninja



-Zombies of the corn!


-Do you think they’ll all make it?

-Who’s going to die next?


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