2 Broke Girls – Season 3 Episode 17 – And The Married Man Sleepover Review

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Why can’t every show be like this? With its wit and its constant sexual remarks, it’s just pure laughter. Perhaps there is a lack of good stuff out there, but 2 Broke Girls really breaks the mould when it comes to good comedy. This episode was the perfect example, with a very crowded sleepover to aid Caroline and a lot of sexual tension. Of course, safe sex and birth control were top of the pile too!

Chef Nicolas shows up to the diner (gasp) to try and talk to Caroline. The poor woman finds it a daily struggle to not jump into his arms, but he’s married and she ain’t no hoe. When he invites her over for dinner to his place, she’s more conflicted than ever. He proposes a skype call with his wife, who is clearly not bothered about the two of them sleeping together. Finally! We got a glimpse of his wife! It was a 2 second skype call, but she gave the seal of approval, so it’s  free territory for Caroline. 

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Even though the wife agrees, Nicolas is still a married man. She decides to show up for dinner with Max and Deke in tow. It was funny to see all of them trying to make sure nothing happened during the sleepover. 

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Max in the meantime, is scavenging for condoms. Now she’s getting the D from Deke, lol, Caroline suggests for her to get on the pill instead of all the condom nonsense. She tries, but in between her new haircut (which is hilarious) and looking after Caroline, she forgets to take them. Next day though, Deke surprises her with a ring… a birth control ring 🙂 

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Picture 18

Sophie was also there trying to make a move on Chef Hunk, but he only has eyes for Caroline. Oleg, this is your moment to make a move!

Picture 15


The Ninja’s Assistant


Max’s hair was incredible, best idea ever!

Deke is just a legend

Caroline, stop with your nonsense and give in to the powers of his six pack and his cooking skills!


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