How I Met Your Mother – Season 9 Episode 18 – Rally Review

ImageWe’ve all been there, right? After a huge drinking session, and waking up to the mother of all hangovers, we’ve all vowed never to drink (or at least get that drunk) again. The guys all make separate vows this week to never get as drunk as Barney did on the night before the wedding photos. The gang find him curled up in the hallway hugging a fire extinguisher, and use it as an example to better their own habits.

ImageThey agree that the only way to save Barney, and the wedding photos, is to use the Stinson Hangover Elixir. The only problem with that is the only person who knows the recipe is still hammered and won’t wake up. They all have to backtrack to the time’s when Barney used it on them to figure out what to do. This is the classic How I Met Your Mother formula. There’s always been flashbacks and flash-forwards and they usually do them pretty well.

ImageImageAt some point every one of them has been on the receiving end of the Stinson Elixir, and it worked every time. They figure out the main components, but are still missing the magic ingredient that only Barney knows. Ted and Marshall go off to collect the things they need, while Lily and Robin hang back and try to wake Barney up for long enough to find out what they’re missing.

ImageThere were some great flashes into the future. Marshall gets hammered when he’s losing the supreme court elections, but in a last minute change at the polls he ends up winning and has to give his acceptance speech while he’s completely wasted. Robin and Barney wake up on a hotel room floor in Buenos Aires in 2016, and have to dash out of the room when they realise it’s not theirs. This was great, and helped to distract a little from the fact that all of season nine has been set in the same place, waiting for the wedding to happen (I don’t know if I can take three more episodes of it!).

ImageBarney wakes for a quick second to tell them the elixir’s a fake, a placebo (placebro) of all things. Barney doesn’t come round again, and the guys have to use The Weekend at Barney’s to get through the photos. They even manage to convince Robin’s dad that he’s awake and fine, even when he asks for a high five (the only significant thing to happen this week).

ImageLove the flashforwards, just don’t understand why we keep seeing bits of Ted and his future wife when they haven’t even met yet. It’s confusing and a little bit annoying. After all, it’s How I Met Your Mother, not how I haven’t really met her yet but he’s some shots of us.

The Ninja


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