Ninja News – Supernatural: Tribes

Picture 147

A little while back the guys over at The CW announced that a Supernatural spin-off was in the works. While we’ve been dealing with that (there’s been some pretty mixed feedback so far) they’ve also come out and said that it will start as a backdoor pilot, coming in episode 20 of Season 9.

Supernatural: Tribes is going to be set in Chicago, and features (you guessed it) a mixture of young people fighting within the different four monster families that exist. A (once again) young (gotta love The CW) police officer tries his best to shut down all supernatural happenings in Chicago, and comes across the four mafia-esque monster families that are running the city’s underworld. Good luck with that!

Nathaniel Buzolic and Lucien Laviscount have both been cast in the show. Let’s hope Buzolic steps up his game, having been essentially written out of both The Vampire Diaries and The Originals already.

Tune in later this season to get a sneak peak and decide for yourself whether Supernatural: Tribes is worth watching. (Ps. No Winchesters!)

The Ninja


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