Teen Wolf – Season 3 Episode 20 – Echo House Review

Picture 31

So far there has been far more than just teen werewolves in Beacons Hill. There’s been foxes, japanese demons, coyotes, and a whole bunch of drama, but no one was expecting what came next. 

Teen Wolf has a very fun way of structuring its seasons. They like to experiment and see how far they can go with a character or a story, and they’re not afraid to be different. This week, we were transported to Echo House, a place where nightmares come true. 

Stiles has decided to live in a mental hospital for a while, at least until the poor kid can get a full night sleep. His dad is not convinced, but ends up leaving him there, with the hopes that he will get better. Like any other mental hospital, it is creepy and full of weird characters but surprisingly well kept. Beacons Hill council has got money!

After one of the patients hangs himself, Stiles is sure that there is something going on. The place is called Echo House because of the way it’s built, everything echoes. Spooky right? However, Stiles is staying strong and even makes friends with a guy called Oliver, who is kind enough to give him a tour of the facilities.

Picture 22

While Stiles is in Echo House, the rest of the team are trying to get hold of a scroll. This is the only thing that can be used to exorcise the demon or whatever it is out of Stiles before it’s too late. Picture 30

Stiles gets a helping hand from Ms Morrell, who apparently works part time at the high school and part time at the mental hospital. She gives Stiles some pills to keep him awake (you go Dr!). If he falls asleep, the spirit will try to control him and the Stiles we know and love will be gone for good. It didn’t last long because another doctor  (possessed by another evil spirit) sedated him 😦

This is when things start to get real. Stiles is saved by Malia Tate, remember that girl who was a coyote for most of her life? Well now she’s in crazy town too. She wakes up Stiles and after some sexy time they go to the basement and find dead people behind a wall. Oliver, Stiles’ new friend is also possessed now and tries to kill them. 

Picture 25

Picture 27

The team successfully retrieves whatever it was they needed, and go to see Dr Deaton in hopes that he will know what’s next. The only way to save Stiles is to turn him into a wolf, or so he said.

Now we wait…


The Ninja’s Assistant



Kira’s powers are increasing, but it seems like her story’s been put on hold.  Perhaps it would’ve been better to stick to the Kitsune plot this time and go mental with Stiles on the next season, but what’s done it’s done.

What’s with Malia’s eyes?

Derek and Chris Argent make a great bromance! I’m loving it

Stiles is in deep trouble, but how is the team going to make sure he’s safe. You think he will be a wolf?



4 thoughts on “Teen Wolf – Season 3 Episode 20 – Echo House Review

  1. Dylan is a such brilliant actor, the way he turns from good guy to evil is just amazing… really is the heart of the show, i have given up on trying to predict what happens next..one of the best tv series in my opinion, waiting for next week… 🙂

      • Yeah.. Can’t believe this season is ending already!, I feel like it just started, this mid season breaks are not cool at all.. playing the waiting game and hoping rumors aren’t true of Derek getting killed off 😦 ..hehe…

      • ugh, story of my life.. mid season breaks are hell. but hopefully it will be worth it.
        I don’t want Derek to leave, but to be honest I feel he has been left in the background a bit, perhaps for that very reason.. who knows?

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