Being Human (US) – Season 4 Episode 7 – Gallows Humor Review

Picture 33With the news that Being Human has been cancelled after four seasons, it seems a bit weird to be writing a review. However, this show has given us more than we ever expected from werewolves and vampires.  It seems fair to keep things objective, regardless of the cancellation.

After Aidan’s little ‘slip’, where he murdered a girl by draining her dry, Kenny comes to the rescue. If Suzanna finds out, he is done. It has been incredibly interesting how Kenny and Suzanna are both Aidan’s good and evil. To the extremes, if I might add. One is keen on making him proud of being a vampire, while the other is determined to make him stop.

Picture 32

However, this episode was mainly focused on Sally and her role as a sister to Robbie. Now that he is dead, she’s  not giving up at any cost until she finds a way to bring him back. She feels that because she has Donna’s power there is something she can do. After multiple time travel jumps and having Josh and Nora look after the newbie, Sally returns with Donna in tow.

Picture 34

After she finds Donna and explains the whole situation with her brother, Donna gives it to her straight. There is a way to bring him back, but it isn’t pretty and in exchange for his soul, there needs to be another soul to give. Donna offers as tribute, but not before taking Sally on a trip down memory lane, where we saw how Donna became a witch and how she died, twice. Also, there is a deal. If she gives her soul to bring Robbie back, Sally has to take Donna to the other plane, basically the afterlife, and leave her there for good.

Aidan goes to see Suzanna, with the hopes that he can get some blood and some help. Unfortunately, she’s also a vampire you fool. She could smell Aidan’s ‘fresh blood cologne’ so she gives him poisoned blood and then chains him to a sink inside her hotel room. He was powerless, but it wasn’t long until he started rambling about his mistakes and his killings. He got really cocky at one point, and this made Suzanna spill the beans about how she became strong because she murdered their son. Instead of stabbing her, they cried together awww.

Picture 37

Picture 39

Meanwhile in the house, Sally has a heart to heart with her brother and so does Donna. Unfortunately, while Sally prepares for her ritual, Robbie leaves. It was a lot of pressure to make such a big thing happen and then have a wasteful life. I guess he wasn’t up for it. Sally keeps her promise despite what happened, and takes Donna to where she belongs. As usual, she ends up time travelling and ends up in the day when she was murdered. She’s determined to change things and keep herself alive.

Picture 42

Nora and Josh are in the dumps. After some casual making out, Josh’s horniness reaches level 100 when he goes all wolf on Nora and freaks the hell out of her. Who wouldn’t be scared? She gone son…

Picture 40

Picture 41

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