Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Season 1 Episode 18 – The Apartment Review

ImageSo, we’re back to Brooklyn again this week to spend some time with our favourite precinct, the nine-nine. The Apartment sees Peralta scrambling to buy the apartment his lives in, which used to be his grandmother’s and we also see the entire squad go through self assessment. Instead of taking it seriously, Peralta rolls straight in and asks for a half million dollar loan flat out. They almost found it as funny as the guy at the bank.

ImageRosa is going to take some names this week when the weekend squad come through. Her desk partner will not stop shaving at their desk, so she enlists Boyle and between them they hatch a seriously gross plan to prank him into stopping.

ImageDetective Lohank gets a huge ball of ‘stranger hair’ dumped in his locker, but when Rosa and Boyle talk to him, hearing his sob story, they decide the best thing to do is clean up their mess and call off the prank. Rosa’s developing nicely as a character, and even though she was the stereotypical angry character for a long while, she’s not coming into her own, much like Boyle did in Full Boyle.

ImageGina drops that she’s known Peralta since childhood (who knew), and Capt Holt agrees to let her go off and help him find a new apartment. I don’t know if this was lazy writing or was something they’d added in later on to get the two characters to bond some more. After a lot of back and forth Gina decides to buy the apartment, move in and let Peralta sublet her current place.

ImageBy far, Santiago is the one member of the team that struggles the most with the self assessment, and when Holt asks what her single worst flaw is, she gives him a list of them. Scully and Hitchcock go in together and their self assessment is over in all of two seconds. Santiago finally takes a long hard look in the mirror and figures out that her biggest flaw is caring so much about what the Captain thinks about her.


Another decent episode to keep the Nine-Nine moving along nicely, and let’s have some more character development like we’ve had the last few weeks. The team is really coming into its own, and if the writers keep it up, this show will stick around for much longer than a lot of us thought it would.


Until next week,


The Ninja



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