New Girl – Season 3 Episode 17 – Sister II

ImageSo, I guess Jess’ sister’s going to be sticking around for a while (for the next couple of episodes at least). There were two things to take out of this episode, Abby is crazy and Winston is becoming more dumb by the week.

Abby teaches the guys a new game called SkyKnife. It pretty much does what it says on the tin, and the guys throw knifes into the roof of the apartment and see if they’ll stick. It’s a pretty dumb game, and Jess almost gets impaled when one of the knifes falls down right next to her. Maybe time for a rethink on that one.

ImageJess is determined to find Abby somewhere else to live when she states that she wants to move in. It’s pretty clear that the sisters are hugely different, and the last thing Jess wants is for her sister to move in with them. Cece helps her look for a suitable place, and one that’s far enough away for everyone to be happy.

ImageWinston freaks out when it comes to checking his NYPD entrance test results, and tries to get everyone to do something with him so he doesn’t have to see how he’s done. When no one else is interested he books Coach for a whole afternoon of training sessions at the gym. After constantly cock-blocking Coach, Winston leaves his phone out and gets told how he’s done. He failed.

ImageI don’t know why they’re insisting on making Winston so dumb now!? Granted, he never was going to stand up in a conversation with Stephen Hawking, but I swear it’s been getting worse ever since Coach came back into things. They’ve been struggling to get them to gel, and so maybe that’s what they had in mind in this episode. Coach marches Winston back to the precinct to take the test again.

ImageNick tries to keep Abby distracted while Jess looks for an apartment, and when he can’t handle it anymore, he calls in Schmidt. He should have seen it coming that this was a terrible idea, because next thing he knows, Schmidt’s tied up on the kitchen table, and him and Abby and about to get it on. Nick now has to keep Jess from losing her shiz.

ImageIt was a bit of a weird episode, and pretty much established that Schmidt is back to his old self, causing mayhem and hooking up with everyone he possibly can, Abby is completely insane, and Winston is in need of some help. The only character that’s growing is Coach, and that’s probably because he’s only just come back into things.


Where is New Girl going? Hopefully, they fix things before it gets put in the trash.



The Ninja


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