Perception – Season 2 Episode 11 – Curveball Review

Picture 74

Perception is back with an episode about baseball and trains. This time, agent Kate Moretti has to solve a murder at a rail yard. Since the only witness and potential killer has a brain disorder that stops him from being sociable, Kate calls for Daniel. 

The 19 year old victim was a baseball player who lost his place on the team and started gambling and drinking instead. Daniel interviews Andre, the kid who found the dead body and through his knowledge of trains he tries to put all the pieces together.

Picture 70

It wasn’t long until they figured out that Henry was adopted and had a twin called Micah, who also happened to be a professional baseball player, and he was making bank. With all his debts and problems, Henry went searching for his brother and in the end they swapped places, you know to have a taste of each other’s lives.

Thinks end up in tears when Henry gets injured pretending to be Micah. Micah flips out and Henry ends up pushing him and killing him. With no clue of how to proceed, he just threw him on the train track.

Picture 73

It was nice to see Max, Daniel’s teaching assistant, bonding with Eli the young prodigy. Well, it was more being forced into babysitting him and failing miserably. The Dean ended up having sexy times with Eli’s mum so not all hope was lost.

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Picture 68

Kate’s back and forth with her ex is a bit tiring, but it was a break from the story that in all honestly, wasn’t great.

Picture 65

Perception has a great premise and great characters, they just need to dig deeper because the whole twin adoption story was a bit far-fetched. It jumped from trains to loan sharks to baseball. Hopefully this just means the writers are testing the waters and trying different stuff out.


The Ninja’s Assistant


Daniel’s hallucinations always make it worth it.


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