Pretty Little Liars – Season 4 Episode 21 – She’s Come Undone Review

Picture 43

Everyone is going crazy! It’s not just Spencer, this time everybody is up for a spot at the local mental hospital. Hanna is just going around kissing people, Spencer gets an ultimatum that ends in disaster, Emily’s plans take a turn and Aria is now absolutely bat shit cray.

Aria is back, and she tells the girls all about Ezra. How he knew all about them and Ali, and how all the surveillance was just an aid towards his book research. Ezra has a theory though, he thinks one of them did it, and by the look of things he isn’t too far out.

The info overload has shown some of Aria’s true colours, and my oh my is she pissed off. If Hanna was a wreck when she broke up with Caleb this is truly of Titanic proportions. She goes to school to find him and they tell him he’s got a ‘family emergency’. Not satisfied, she goes to his apartment, trying to find some clues, but her anger got the best of her and she ended up trashing the place. Not long after she finds a letter from a publishing company, and calls them only to find out Ezra is there signing a deal for his book. What a drag..

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After her mental breakdown number one, the girls pick her up and come to the rescue. Spencer, who might be high but ain’t no fool, decides to take some memorabilia from Ezra’s apartment. So did Aria, who took his diary amongst some notes and a recording.

The others are dealing with their own problems, Hanna goes to see Travis to apologise for the kiss and bla bla, and later on that day ends up kissing detective Holbrook. I bet parents all around were gasping in horror but you know what? Let the magic happen, there is nothing wrong with a bit of an older romance. Can’t be worse than Ezra, that’s for sure, plus Travis hasn’t really been making any moves recently..

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Spencer gets an ultimatum from her parents, but after she finds pills in her locker from A of course, she caves and comes to a shocking revelation. She was taking pills when Ali died, and suddenly she somehow recalls hitting Ali with a shovel on the day she died. Somehow Mrs DiLaurentis knows something, since she witnessed the two of them fighting in the garden, but it’s unclear now. To be honest, Mrs DiLaurentis looks highly medicated most of the time, so good luck getting any info out of her. Spencer loses her mind, and off to rehab she goes.

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Emily is trying to send the money to Ali. She’s busted by Paige, who demands Emily stops contact with Ali and this whole deal. Emily agrees but is clearly pissed off. Paige, who is clearly clueless, but loves to get involved, drops a note to the police saying she knows Alison DiLaurentis is alive. Good job Paige, round of applause.

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Aria wants to move away and packs her stuff, and in the process shuns her friends with her bad attitude. Only time will tell..

Till next time


The Ninja’s Assistant


Is A burning the pages now he/she’s read them?

Hanna please make up your mind, either choice is fine with us

Now that Ravenswood ended, is there a chance Caleb might be back in the picture?





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