The Originals – Season 1 Episode 14 – Long way back from Hell Review

ImageThe Originals is back, and what an episode to come back with! We knew that Klaus and Rebekah were in a spot of bother at the end of the last episode, but there was no way we could have predicted what was coming next. The witches are running wild in Long Way Back from Hell, and messing with some of our favourite original vampires in ways we’ve never seen before.


So, Klaus and Rebekah are both being held by Celeste and Genevieve, and they’re seriously messing with their shiz. Marcel and Elijah meanwhile are working together to get them back, or at least find out what in the hell is going on. Elijah crashes Sophie Devereux’s funeral and Monique drops a little hex on him. He’s now covered in tattoos of names of witches who have fallen at the Mikaelson’s hands. Nice ink, bro!


Genevieve is having a lot of fun torturing Klaus, and messing with Rebekah’s head (because the werewolf bite hasn’t messed her up at all, right!?). Genevieve’s using magic to show Klaus all of the different ways that his sister has betrayed him. She’s linked their minds, which means that Rebekah has no choice but to keep pouring all the dirt into Klaus’ head.


Rebekah not only was good friends with Genevieve back in 1919, but she killed her too. We also learn that she killed the woman that Celeste was hiding in back then too, which told us why the witches want to take the Originals down. Okay, so Rebekah might not have been the best sister to Klaus, and the witches trick worked. When Klaus learned that it was Rebekah who summoned their father to come and kill him way back when, he wants her head on a stick. He’ll take Marcel, too, as everything Rebekah did was so she could run off with him into the sunset.


He confronts them, but Elijah steps in and betrays Klaus (siblings, huh?), so I guess it’s back to some good old sibling rivalry again for our favourite family of vamps. What I’m loving about this show is that they’ve not wasted any time in setting things up. We already know the Originals from TVD, and while the history of them in New Orleans has been necessary, its also been hugely unpredictable. If one thing is now predictable, surely Klaus is going to rip all their heads off?

Good job!

The Ninja


-What’s going to happen next?

-Did this show steal all the good writers from TVD? Feels like it did!


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