Twisted – Season 1 Episode 14 – Home Is Where The Hurt Is Review

Picture 64

And we’re back to a sad day in Danny’s life. A sad week by the looks of it. Guilt and secrets are starting to take their toll, and even though he is trying his hardest to be normal and live his life, it isn’t easy. Him and Jo are struggling to come to terms with what they did, but now that there are secrets coming out of the walls, they might not be the only affected ones.

Now that Danny has been cleared from murdering Regina, everyone at school is very apologetic and nice to him. He even gets his place back in the football (soccer) team, and by the looks of it a chance to be with Lacey who is keen to get her romance on.

Picture 57

Unfortunately, he knows what he’s done so his chance at redemption is looking pretty grey, at least in his eyes. Danny also ‘meets’ Charlie, who it turns out, has some secrets of his own. Him and Danny used to be roommates during his time in the correctional facility and it seems things didn’t end well. However, since Homecoming is right around the corner, Charlie doesn’t hesitate to ask Danny if it’s cool to take Lacey to the dance, to which he replies ‘go for it’. Damn..

Speaking of homecoming, Jo signed her and Rico to the committee, as a peace offering and a way to spend some quality time together. Smart move, that way she avoids having him asking her to the dance. This way, everyone is happy.

Rico has an admirer, a very quirky girl called Andie, who is clearly desperate for some of his attention. After talking to Jo about it, Rico ends up asking Andie to the dance.

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It wasn’t only Rico who got ‘the talk’, Danny bonds with Jack who tells him that he needs to let go of his fears and go get the girl! And so, he finds Lacey, they kiss and they go to the dance together.

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Picture 60

Charlie was a bit disappointed, but in fairness he clicked with Jo, so there’s probably some romance coming her way since Rico will no doubt be seduced by his new love interest.

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Jo’s parents hit a rough patch when the chief finds the voicemail his wife left for Vikram. Not only is he pissed off but also disappointed that his own wife was hiding the fact that Vikram was alive. To be fair he has been searching for ages and she knew his whereabouts the whole time. Poor Jo arrived just in time to find her parents arguing about going to the police station.

Picture 62

The news about Vikram’s death came in the end, so this probably means that Karen can finally cash the 10 million dollars of insurance money. She needs it desperately, but I have a feeling things won’t come that easily.

The Ninja’s Assistant


How 90s teen romcom was the Titanic theme?

Andie is perfect for Rico, let the magic happen!

Happy for Karen and Jack, they are an incredibly attractive couple

What is Charlie hiding?



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