Suburgatory – Season 3 Episode 5 – Blame It On The Rainstick

Picture 84

Not sure what Suburgatory was going for this week. Noah is back, which is always a good thing, but there was something missing. Something with a lot of mascara and fake eyelashes. This week Dalia was nowhere to be seen, or Sheila for that matter. This episode just confirmed that they are two imperative characters for the show, at least in my opinion.

Suburgatory doesn’t have the comedy factor it used to. Yeah there’s still two or three giggles, but without Sheila’s nonsense or Dalia’s attitude, Chatswin is indeed a boring place.

Noah is back after spending some time at a clinic. He is a new man, calm, patient and reserved. It’s safe to say George is not liking this one bit, but decides to accept his new friend because that’s what good friends do. It was a bit disappointing because Noah wasn’t his usual loud, opinionated self, so there wasn’t really much for his character to do except go with the flow. And that my dears, is really boring.

Picture 82

Tessa on the other hand, is dealing with the stress of ‘Senior Tanning’. That’s a thing in Chatswin you know? Everyone needs to have the proper skin glow for the yearbook picture, and pasty Tessa is not having it. Dallas is the one in charge of the whole ‘module’ and she is determined to make everyone tanned. Lisa, being too keen as usual, ends up overdoing it a bit.

Picture 78

Picture 83

Tessa skips school and finds some ‘musical nomads’ in a tent in the park. First, she’s amazed by the lifestyle these people have. The chances of finding them in Chatswin are minimal. After playing the rainstick and feeling hippie for a while, Tessa discovers she’s in more of a cult than a nomadic band. Lisa comes to the rescue, seeing as she had been ditched by Tessa multiple times. Lisa is always a good friend, she is happy to be with Tessa regardless of when or where, and Tessa is a bit more set in her ways.

Picture 80

The moral of the story is that your friends can change, and so do we. We all need to accept each other 🙂 Awwww

With everyone breaking up and all these changes, it feels as if they need to give Tessa something. A boyfriend, a hobby, a freakin’ pony, just sort it out!

The Ninja’s Assistant



Get rid of this please:

Picture 77

Noah needs to go back to funny if you’re relying on him for an episode without Dalia or Sheila.

Where is little Victor?


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