Criminal Minds – Season 9 Episode 16 – Gabby Review

Picture 91

How twisted can people be?! This episode of Criminal Minds really hit the soft spot when a little girl called Gabby goes missing. The plot was so sinister it made you question if you can trust other people with your children. The team was on full force, considering there was a child involved and there are only 24hrs to find her alive. 

It all starts with a mother, Kate, leaving her daughter with Sue. Sue has always been part of the family after Kate’s family took her in when she was young. Kate has won a cruise holiday, and although she’s hesitant to leave her little girl, Sue persuades her and off she goes.Picture 88

That same night, Sue and the girl go for a late night ride and as she’s buying some groceries, she leaves her in the car. Gabby is sleeping so what could go wrong? Ohhh well, she got kidnapped, that’s what happened!

Picture 89

The team rushes to Mississippi, and quickly split up to start interviewing everyone involved. Kate and her boyfriend are back, and obviously devastated. Sue is crying, and although she seems upset, Hodge is not convinced. They find out that Gabby’s dad was a truck driver and a junkie, but when they try to find him it’s too late. He’s already in a plastic bag floating in the river. They also discover that it was Ian, a former drug dealer but friend of the family who killed Gabby’s dad. At least that’s what they thought.

Picture 94

To not drag this any longer, Sue was the crazy psycho all along. She had given Gabby up for something called ‘disrupted adoptions’. Basically, illegal adoptions where parents who have adopted children can give them up to other people, kidnapped children get sold, etc. It was absolutely horrible to watch, but at least Gabby had high hopes, which broke our hearts even more.

Picture 95

Turns out Kate’s dad had been raping Sue the whole time when they were young. This created some kind of resentment towards Kate and that’s why she took Gabby away from her. What a story huh?

The team finds Gabby and two other little kids at a house with some horrible creepy-looking peeps and they take them out of that hell hole.

Picture 97

Picture 98


The Ninja’s Assistant


It was obvious Gabby wasn’t the body inside the plastic bag. It was way too early in the episode..

Hodge was so hardcore!

Sue was so freakin’ creepy!!!!!!!!




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