Modern Family – Season 5 Episode 15 – The Feud Review

ImageThere was a lot going on this week. Little pockets of characters peeled off and did their own thing in The Feud. Phil’s up for reelection, Claire has an important meeting, Luke’s got a wrestling match, Gloria and Manny take a school trip to the museum, Cam deals with Lily and Hayley and Alex deal with a situation at home. Jay floats around, deals with his nemesis and decides to go to Luke’s match to show some grandfatherly support.

ImageA report comes in from Lily’s school saying that there’s an outbreak of head-lice, and Cam has to weigh up whether to cancel a meeting with a renowned wedding photographer or pick Lily up and deal with it. Claire takes Lily out for a while, and by the time she arrives for her meeting she’s scratching like there’s no tomorrow. Her client is also a client of Mitchell’s, and when he realises the lice have spread it’s already too late. The client gives Claire a big hug, and the lice spread even further.

ImageManny and Gloria deal with their own demons at the museum, and between Manny’s squeaky shoes and Gloria’s allergic reaction there’s a lot for them to handle. They both settle down and realise that people may make fun of them, but it’s really not the end of world. Gloria has her own internal feud, about how quickly Manny is growing up, and how much he’s changed.

Poor Jay has a nemesis who always shows up at his worst possible moment, and loves treating Jay like an idiot.


ImagePhil loses his reelection to Gil Thorpe, and when he gets to the wrestling match he becomes super competitive. Luke’s fighting Gil’s son, and the pep talk quickly turns away from do your best, to destroy him. Jay comes along too, and realises that his nemesis is Gil’s dad, setting off a big family feud for the episode. Hayley and Alex get trapped in the basement by a possum, and spend the whole episode fighting over what to do to either move it, or get past it.

ImageIt was an episode that took its name from the theme of the week. Not only did we see different parts of the Pritchett/Dunphy family in feuds with each other, but we see them fighting with other families too. Gloria is fighting with the other mothers from Manny’s school. They’re always judging her and making fun of her accent and, as she puts it, her bouncy bosom. Jay and Phil are in a feud with the Thorpe family, and Lily, Cam and Claire fight off the lice.

Until next week, Modern Family,

The Ninja


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