Supernatural – Season 9 Episode 14 – Captives Review

Picture 100

Supernatural’s latest episode was full of encounters, of all kinds. Unfortunately, Sam and Dean still haven’t buried the hatchet and with trouble ahead, they need to stick together.

While Sam and Dean are inside the bunker, they get haunted by a ghost. Not the ghost of Dean’s guilt, which is weighing heavily on his shoulders, but a familiar ghost. Since the bunker is safe and sealed, the only logical explanation is that it’s Kevin. After a few broken mugs and a chat with the coffee machine, Sam and Dean discover that it is in fact Kevin. He tells the guys that ever since the angels fell, heaven is pretty much closed for business. This means that everyone who dies is stuck in the veil, and a bunch of confused ghosts are floating around.

Kevin is also convinced that his mother is alive. So, he sends Sam and Dean in search of a ghost called Candy, she has the intel. After a brief and spooky conversation with Candy, they make their way to a storage unit.Picture 105

The guy in reception, a geeky-looking chap, greets them and not long after Sam finds Kevin’s mum. It was hard to see him struggle, trying to tell her without words that Kevin was dead. She still managed to get them out of the unit they were stuck in, so kudos to her.

Picture 107

Dean had problems of his own. Turns out the employee was actually Crowley’s little helper. It was hilarious watching a demon having a rant about work and his pathetic life. To be fair, since Crowley has gone MIA, it’s pretty much make it or break it at this point. In a happy twist, they are all free (of course) and Kevin’s mum is taken back to the bunker. She might as well spend time with her son while he’s still visible, dead or alive.

Picture 106

Picture 108

As usual, there is a much bigger picture. Castiel finds out Bartholomew was killing angels, and eventually ends up killing him. He’s then approached by a group of ‘good angels’ who want for things to be rainbows and ponies.

Picture 104

Metatron is out and about, so it’s only a matter of time until the fighting starts again. Hopefully Sam and Dean will have a role to play, with a little bit of help from Kevin perhaps.

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