Baby Daddy – Season 3 Episode 6 – Romancing the Phone Review

ImageThere’s a few different things going on in Romancing the Phone. Emma’s teething, Ben meets a girl while he’s out on a walk with Emma, Riley’s meeting up with an old nemesis of hers from camp and Bonnie gets her first realtor’s bus-stop bench. Danny, meanwhile, is getting involved in all the wrong ways.

ImageRiley realises that not only has Heather achieved everything she hasn’t, but she’s just been made partner in her firm and bought a condo in Manhattan, too, outdoing every single thing Rigantor’s done. Riley enlists Danny to help her, and he just messes it up. He ends up setting up a date with Heather, when he should have fought Riley’s corner. Riley’s got another plan, and jumps on Danny to make Heather jealous, and this time it works!

ImageBen has a shocker of his own, and when he messes up with Sydney, he sends Tucker in as himself to take the hit, before moving in. Turns out she likes Tucker (even though she thinks he’s Ben) and that sets them both up to get ditched by Sydney.

ImageTucker helps Bonnie set up her realtor bench advert, and it doesn’t quite go to plan. The message is a bit misleading, and she ends up getting lots of calls from men wanting company. Tucker has to fix it, and the second advert is much better than the first.


ImageRiley’s rivalry with Heather was a bit silly when she involved Danny. She needs to realise that the gang love her, Danny more than anyone else. Instead of trying to get one up on Heather (who’s the least relevant character around), she should realise she’s number one.

Get her together with Danny already!

The Ninja


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