Grimm – Season 3 Episode 13 – Revelation Review

ImageAfter an entire month off, I was really itching for some Grimm. We were left with the cliffhanger that Monroe’s parents were in town, and if they were unhappy that Monroe wants to marry a Fuschbau they were downright pissed when Nick the Grimm showed up.

ImageSo, Revelation opened with the same scene, and we had Monroe’s folks charging at Nick. It never gets annoying, no matter how many times we see Wesen freak out, just to learn that Nick ain’t like all the other Grimm’s out there. After they leave, Monroe is pissed at Nick because he’s feeling a little used, and Nick leaves too. Monroe goes to see them the next day to say goodbye, and let them know how disappointed he is that they can’t be happy for him. Monroe’s mother won’t leave, she wants to fix things with Monrosalee (lol) but his father has different ideas and storms out the door.

ImageThe guys (after some back and forth) realise that they’re dealing with a Wildesheer, a bad ass Wesen that gets stronger with every ‘pelt’ it takes. No wonder the guy’s been building a new jacket out of his scalping victims hair. Nick has a dig in his aunt’s trailer, and comes out with a theory she’d had. He thinks if he cuts the hair of the Wildesheer off, it might do the job. Nick and Monroe take on the two Wildesheer (we saw that there were two of them when they took down the copper in the woods), and after getting their butts handed to them, Monroe’s dad comes in out of nowhere to save the day. It seems that having seen his Blutbad son fight alongside a Grimm he’s marginally convinced.

ImageStefania takes Adalind to Viktor, and even though it wasn’t apparent straight away, Adalind’s in trouble. Renard has to step in, sending Sebastian and Meisner to get her out of there alive. Renard tells her that he’s convinced her baby is his, and that’s why he needs her to be safe. After a good scuffle, Meisner frees her, much to the annoyance of Viktor. They just had to keep the Royal Family conspiracies going, didn’t they?

ImageIt was an episode about closed minded parents disapproving of partners and friends, and also there were some huge insights into the different generations of Wesen. Much like in our day to day human lives, the older generations seem to hold on to tradition and ideals much more than the younger generations do, and it seems the Wesen are no different. Monroe’s parents didn’t want their son to marry Rosalee because “mixed marriages don’t work,” but they seem to be coming around to the idea. They’re now moving with the times, and not only start to accept Monroe’s new life, but they even manage to have dinner with a Grimm while they were at it.

Another great dinner scene that reminded me so much of the couples dinner scene we had earlier on in the season, and it was equally as entertaining.

So happy the guys are back,

The Ninja


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