Helix – Season 1 Episode 9 – Level X Review

Picture 109

Day 9 inside the facility and still no cure. However, level R is looking rather empty. Most of the vectors have disappeared, and it’s pretty obvious who might have an idea of where they’ve gone. Hiroshi Hatake.

Alan is clearly not up for messing around anymore and he decides it’s better to all work as a team rather than waste time bitching about each other. His power of convincing works with a bit of help from Daniel, who clearly doesn’t trust his boss anymore. Hatake confirms the suspicions by saying he was the one who created the virus for Ilaria Corporation. He said if he hadn’t done it, someone else would have, and lots more would be infected. At least it’s contained right?

He also reveals his little secret. There is an underground level called Level X. It’s a vault where all the virus samples are kept, along with the original virus sample! Understandably, Hatake was probably keeping it a secret because the less people know the better, especially if it’s a virus that makes you puke black goo.

Speaking of puking (ew), all the vectors are chillin’ in Level X. Something is attracting them there, and it’s Peter. They all throw up in a cup and then feed it to Peter, who wakes up like a super beast. Imagine Hulk Smash but with more veins and black goo.

Picture 110

Picture 111

The team prepares, and they split up for different tasks. Alan and Jules go down to find the original sample, while Hatake and Sarah are on supervision duty. They lower the temperature of the vault, so it’s pretty much freezing and the results are amazing. The vectors are very still, like frozen zombies. However, there’s only 28 min to complete the task before dying of hypothermia or being infected with the virus.

Picture 114

Sarah collapses because of her tumor and starts saying some very sexually awkward things (bless her), and by the time Alan and Jules get to the vault, they find that the samples are not there. It was another doctor who stole them and put them in his bag along with a bottle of booze before he walked out of the facility. Prick!

Picture 116

Picture 122

Picture 123

However, they found loads of samples of all kinds of nasty diseases and viruses along with a surprise. Ready? MONTANA IS NOT REAL! Jules and Alan literally stumble into a fake cabin, the same cabin where Jules ‘grew up’ in Montana. Coincidence? Naaat!

Picture 117

Hatake gets confronted by Jules and in a Darth Vader moment when he removed his contacts, he told Jules the truth about everything. He is her dad, and the woman Jules saw a few days ago in the facility was her mother. Crazy times ahead..

Picture 120

Balleseros and Daniel had some quality time with Anana and the other twin. They even remembered playing with hot wheels!


The Ninja’s Assistant


Someone needs to get dirty against that wall with the plants in Hatake’s office. The arctic view, nature, a virus. That’s romance right there (rolls eyes).

Will Sarah make it or is Alan out of a booty call?

If Constance was already a nasty, corrupt individual, the rest of Ilaria is probably worse.



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