Parks and Recreation – Season 6 Episode 14 – Anniversaries Review

Picture 149All hail Pawnee the land of hilarious puns and laughs! Anniversaries was a really funny episode with a bit of everything and everyone. It was good to see more of Ron and even Larry got a bit more screen time than usual.

It’s Leslie and Ben’s first wedding anniversary, but this year they agree on a ‘no presents’ policy. Unfortunately, Ben knows that Leslie ALWAYS gets him an incredible present, so this time he’s taking the bull by the horns. He plans a whole day filled with romantic activities for the both of them, but due to Leslie’s busy schedule plans take a turn. 

Leslie is too busy trying to unite the citizens of both Pawnee and Eagleton. After all, they are neighbours and everyone should get along, but the tension between the two is clearly building up. She comes up with the idea of putting a married couple on TV, who happen to be one of each town, with the hopes that people will be at ease. Unfortunately, after 50 years of marriage, there’s little love left, so they have a rant on ‘Pawnee Today’.

Picture 147

Picture 151

Out of ideas, she makes a committee of young people (Tom, April, Andy, etc) to come up with a way to unite the two towns and the result was a music festival involving both communities. Looking forward to watching what happens then. Tom even promised Ginuwine, so the expectations are high!

Picture 153

April struggles between work and friendship when she’s forced to tell Donna to stop leaving the office and actually do her job. She posts anonymous reviews on Yelp, but Ron makes her tell her to her face after he gave one of his standard awesome speeches. Donna knew April wrote the reviews, but took the criticism just fine.

Picture 146

Picture 152

Ben’s romantic day ends up being spent with Larry, and a massage and a carriage ride later, he gives Leslie a scrap book. He thinks he won the battle, but then she gave him this:

Picture 156

It’s clear who won!

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