The Neighbors – Season 2 Episode 16 – Oscar Party Review

Picture 133

After joining business school, Debbie decides she wants to be cool like the rest of her classmates. Her solution? Opening her own Facebook account. Marty joins in the fun, until they realise their old friends don’t invite them to their parties anymore. A whole bunch of birthdays, anniversaries, etc and the Weaver’s were not there. Their solution? To throw an Oscar party for all their friends.

Picture 126

As per usual, the Birds get involved. Their concern about losing the Weavers’ friendship has them brainstorming for ‘Operation Indispensable to the Weavers’. They come up with the most over the top Oscar party, complete with interpretative dance and a red carpet.

Picture 131

All of Debbie’s hopes for her  BDL (Big Deal Lasagna) to be the main focus of the evening were destroyed when she was greeted to her own home by flashing photographers. Deb and Marty spent the whole evening freaking out, with their friends looking more entertained than them for sure.

Picture 135

Thankfully the Weaver children had better things to do. Amber takes Max to a hockey trial for the local team, with Abby by her side.

After hearing some nasty comments about women from some of the dads, Amber convinces Abby to do the trial too. She kicks ass, but eventually Amber has to make sure Max gets in too, so Abby takes one for the team. It was so nice!

Picture 130

Picture 136

The Weavers apologise to Larry and Jackie, after all they always make an effort to make their lives better. 🙂 Happy times all around!

The Ninja’s Assistant



The caviar fountain complete with Eric Estrada…

Carrot Top’s high-five with Dick. Lolz.


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