The Vampire Diaries – Season 5 Episode 14 – No Exit Review

Picture 138Someone call the slag patrol because Katherine’s on a mission! While everyone else is busy trying to find Damon, Katherine is pulling all the stops to win Stefan back. No Exit was an episode about love and lust, and this time lust definitely won.

Damon and Enzo ended up trapped inside a house by a bunch of travelers and Wes, who is obviously orchestrating the whole thing. Damon has become patient zero, and now he can only feed on vampire blood, so if he wants out, he’s gonna have to kill Enzo. Picture 139

Tyler tells Caroline that Nadia has been compelling Matt, and this just raises even more suspicions of Nadia’s true motives. However Caroline is more into getting Tyler Cock-wood back. Unfortunately, things don’t look too good for those two right now.

Katherine (Elatherine, Kathena) or whatever you want to call her goes with Stefan in search of Damon. She sabotages the whole trip so they can end up in a hotel room alone. She obviously stripped after she showered, and in what became one of the most uncomfortable seducing scenes ever (blame it on the combination of the music and the awkwardness in Stefan’s face), they kissed, and then they got news from Enzo, who clearly needed their help.

Picture 142

Again Katherine pulls one of her moves and tries to tempt Damon to bite her, so that Stefan can kill him. Damon might be infected as of now, but he isn’t stupid. As soon as he’s in chains he spills the beans to Stefan, who quickly tells Caroline. The result? They figured it out!!!!!!

Picture 144


Picture 145


After Matt tries to warn the team about Nadia and Katherine, she compels him again, (but they kissed passionately). Only to end up bitten by Tyler. Damn, guess she doesn’t have much time! Perhaps Katherine should think less about her epic romance novel lifestyle, and focus more on poor Nadia who only just discovered canoodling.

Picture 143

The Ninja’s Assistant


How many vampires does it take to find out Elena is not really Elena?! This is like a joke about changing lightbulbs.

Elena has been missed, but kudos to Nina Dobrev who is smashing the shizzle out of Katherine’s character. Well played.


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