Being Human (US) – Season 4 Episode 8 – Rewind, Rewind Review

Picture 167

Last week they dumped on us Sally going back to the day of her death. Unfortunately, gurl can’t contain her inner rage (and who can blame her), so she stops Danny from murdering her and so is back alive. The chain of events that unravelled can only be described as WTF.

Since she’s alive and living in the days of her engagement, which is clearly no more. She dumps Danny, but unfortunately he starts dating her best friend, who soon ends up dead. Coincidence? Nat.

Picture 165

Anyway, she goes in search of Aidan and Josh, and they obviously have no clue about who she is. Sally stops Aidan from murdering and draining Rebecca dry, and so it all begins.Picture 166

Sally tells him she’s from the future, and explains to him most of the situation, and once Josh has been informed they all move to the house. Oh the good old days. Except these days have Aidan and Sally in love, and constantly hormonal. Bizarre much?

Picture 168

The dynamic of living with a Sally who knows everything from the future puts a bit of a strain on Josh, but it isn’t until she gets scratched by him and turned into a werewolf that the shizzle really hits the fan.

Josh is becoming more and more skeptical towards Sally’s true intentions, and truth is, a part of her is truly enjoying living there without caring about the repercussions.  Every inch of Sally’s body would rather be a living werewolf sleeping with a vampire than a ghost.

Sally tells Josh about his curse, and how he can end it by killing his maker, but this just sent Josh over the edge.

To make things worse, Aidan’s old vampire friends come for a visit, and after a fight with Josh and his maker, Sally dies, or so it seems. Only they know what might come next. Aidan looks like he’s going to lose it for sure.

The Ninja’s Assistant


Is Sally going to return to her original timeline?

Aidan and Sally was weird but not bad, so points for originality.

If Suzanna knew, would she have chained her to a sink too? Lolz



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