Elementary – Season 2 Episode 16 – The One Percent Solution Review

Picture 172

Turns out, the rich and powerful are very paranoid people. After a homemade bomb goes off at a high class restaurant, the team rushes to find out what caused it and mainly who. The restaurant used to be frequented by rich bankers and bank vice presidents and CEO’s. The table where the bomb went off was indeed filled with these marvelous creatures, so it wasn’t hard to find a starting point for the case to unravel.

Unfortunately, Sherlock finds himself working with Inspector Lestrade, his former partner and some sort of a nemesis. He’s just a copy cat version of Holmes, and although it irritates him he hides it just like a pro.

Picture 173

Holmes and his ‘partner’, along with Watson head to the hospital to talk to Michelle. She was conveniently seating at the wrong side of the table when the bomb went off. She explained something about a pre-arranged seating chart and how she was only in a minor role. The big bosses sat at the other end. Due to her minor wounds and weak state, the team let her be, but not before Lestrade performs his ‘hypnosis’ or whatever..

Picture 174

All this information, along with the clues found lead to Aurelius. A man who creates bombs. By the time Holmes finds him with police back up, he’s already dead. In fact he was dead before the restaurant explosion. Ohhh dead ends!

Picture 176

Holmes’ observations are rarely wrong, if ever, so his suspicions towards Lestrade led to confrontation. Lestrade confesses that he has been working for the bank’s CEO, who has a nasty habit of blackmailing people to sleep with him. Lestrade is the dirty man, the one who finds all the dark corners of those people’s lives, and then offers them money, power or fame in exchange.  What a piece of work.

Picture 177

Michelle, as it turns out was one of those individuals, and she set the bomb there. See her as ‘blackmail gone wrong’. However, the only way for her to be prosecuted is for the CEO to come clean. Everybody wins!

Holmes ends up letting his new/old friend Lestrade stay in his house while he gets his life back on track. Only time will tell if these two will get up to more arguments and adventures.


The Ninja’s Assistant


Obviously the best moment of the whole episode was Watson defending her place in front of Lestrade’s assistant. It was like a punch in the face and it was fantastic!


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