How I Met Your Mother – Season 9 Episode 19 – Vesuvius Review


ImageIs anyone else still watching HIMYM? There’s only two more episodes to go, and I’ve stuck with it this long so I guess I at least owe it to myself to finish watching the show. Again, we opened with more of Ted and his soon to be wife. I’m still not really sure the function of these flashes into the future are, and surely it would have been better to actually spend more time on how they MET, seeing as it is How I MET Your Mother.

ImageTurns out there’s one story she hasn’t heard, and that’s the one where Robin broke a lamp at The Farhampton Inn. Guess that’s all they could come up with at this stage of things (rolls eyes). Ted sees Barney sneak into room no.9 and worries he’s up to his old tricks and womanising, when actually he’s hiding all of his suits in there because he can’t decide which one to wear.

ImageThe rest of the gang are watching The Wedding Bride 2, a movie based on some of out favourite characters. There’s a good reason Ted isn’t watching, namely the lead character Jed Mosley. Turns out Jed works with Narshall, and there’s a Swarley in there, too. Sigh.


It was really an episode about things coming to an end. Ted finds out that everyone already knows he’s moving to Chicago, and when it gets brought up they all realise that it might be a long time until they’re all together again. Robin’s mum shows up, so we’ve now met the entire family, even if her mum and sister turned up for the last five minutes of things.


Thought I’d be more upset that things were ending,


The Ninja


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