The Middle – Season 5 Episode 14 – The Award Review

Picture 158Who knew the town of Orson was so keen to give awards? This week Mike is up for one after 20 years at his job. He is a bit reluctant to receive it, but leave it to Frankie, who will make sure he cherishes it.

Sue is also up for cherishing high school. After being ignored for so long, she is determined to make all the students get along. She comes up with ‘Mix It Up Mondays’, but after having her friendships robbed by the more popular kids, she gives up.

Picture 160

Brick is happy about a new (technically old) suit that he inherited off his cousin. Little did he know his snazzy outfit was part of the ‘MAN I FEEL LIKE A WOMAN COLLECTION by Shania Twain. The worst part is he found out during his dad’s celebratory dinner, when he saw a lady rocking the exact same look.

Outside of Orson, Axel is trying to find a girl on campus who left him quite a racy voicemail. Turns out it had been Cassidy, his ex, all along. There’s still flame in those ashes!

Picture 157

Picture 163

Speaking of exes, Sue gets a bit of her own action, kinda… All her disastrous attempts to belong make her ill, plus she gets a cold due to the broken A/C unit at home. Darren shows up to fix it while she’s home alone and takes the opportunity to tell her he’s no longer with Angel. Sue couldn’t help but smile and we couldn’t be happier. Hopefully they will get back together soon.

Picture 164

In the end, despite all of Frankie’s efforts, Mike didn’t deliver the speech of the century. However, it was obvious his colleagues respect him and love him, and that’s all that matters.

Picture 162

Goodbye Orson, until next week!


The Ninja’s Assistant


High school still makes me cringe even after almost 10 yrs of leaving that hell hole.



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