The Walking Dead – Season 4 Episode 12 – Still Review


Guess I was wrong when I said that we we’re going to spend our episodes following the different pockets of survivors from the prison last week, because Still was all about Daryl and Beth, where they’re at right now, and how much they’ve changed, not just since the prison, but since they left the farm in the first place.

ImageAs soon as they get out of the car boot and the walkers pass through, Beth decides she wants to get drunk. Her poppa would never have let her do it, and in a weird homage to Herschel she decides it’s time to get hammered. She makes Daryl go on a beer run, more because he’s not convinced she can look after herself.

ImageDon’t underestimate Beth! She’s changed a lot recently, and I had a similar feeling while watching Still that I did watching her fire an M16 at the Governor. She’s no little girl anymore. Beth’s a lot more comfortable around the walkers now, and proves again that she can look after herself.

What was really interesting is how much Beth and Daryl are learning from each other. Sure, Beth’s needed some coaching from Daryl on killing the walkers, hunting and surviving out in the woods, but she’s also having a huge effect on him. They find a golf club, and figure it’s a pretty decent place to find booze. While in there they find a bunch of walkers hanging from the ceiling, and one who’s long dead, but been nailed to like a mannequin and dressed up. She makes Daryl help her take the walker down, and he takes it on board and changes his outlook on the walkers. They were people once, after all.


I thought I’d seen the full development of Daryl’s character when he was with Carol, but boy was I wrong. I wondered why he was being so mean to Beth when it would have probably been better to give her some reassurance about their situation. He’s angry because he blames himself for what happened at the prison, for not stopping the Governor before he came in and ruined everything that they’d built at the prison. Let’s face it, things were going pretty well. Too well, almost, which is why we all knew it was going to end.

ImageDaryl takes Beth to a place that he found with Michonne. It’s a shack in the middle of the woods, but at least there’s some moonshine to help ’em through the night. After playing never have I ever (really?) and getting emotional, they burn down the shack and flip the middle finger at it before walking off into the night.

ImageBefore they set it on fire, they were talking about who they used to be, and the things they used to do. They both realised how much they’ve changed, how far they’ve come, and the fact that in the world they now live in it’s about who you are, and what you’ve done to survive – not who you used to be.

Keep it coming, AMC!

The Ninja


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