2 Broke Girls – Season 3 Episode 18 – And The Near Death Experience Review

Picture 204

Granted, this episode might not have been as funny as others, but it definitely made a point. After Chef Nicolas invites Caroline over for dinner, her attitude towards relationships might change completely. 

First he tried to catch her at the diner, where she was hiding from Han and his ‘spring cleaning’. Max tells her to give it a shot since there’s nothing to lose, but Caroline refuses.

Picture 199

She texts Nicolas saying that she won’t go for dinner until he dumps his wife. You guessed right, he tells Caroline he’s going to leave her.

Caroline decides to talk face to face, so she takes Max to Nicolas’ house. What comes after was equally terrifying and disastrous.

When they show up, Nicolas tells her that his wife is in the lobby, so the girls need to make a quick exit. Through the guest bathroom of course! Once out the window, rain and wind try to knock Max and Caroline down. In between all the panic and Max’s sarcasm, Caroline almost slips and falls. By the time Max grabs her they both go straight through Nicolas’ window. Great entrance!

Picture 201

Now they have whiplash and they will have to cope. Wonder if Caroline has accessories that match it?

The Ninja’s Assistant


Obviously missing Deke. Wow, he feels like such a big part of this now, don’t walk away!

More jokes were needed, but I have a feeling this episode is the stepping stone to some new changes.


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