Hannibal – Season 2 Episode 1 – Kaiseki Review


Hannibal’s back! It’s been a long wait, but one of the best shows on TV right now is here for another season! We started Kaiseki, and the season with a crazy scene. Jack and Hannibal were fighting, literally trying to take each other down. We ended the opening scene with Crawford bleeding out from the neck, before jumping twelve weeks back. I can only assume that this is where we’ll get to at the end of the season, I just don’t know why they wanted to give this away now?


If Jack finds out what Hannibal’s all about, and that all those lovely meals make him a cannibal, too, I would have rather found out with him.

ImageWill’s now locked up, and is talking to a shrink. He’s still trying to convince them all that Lecter is the one they want. They’re not listening to him, and it just makes him look all the more crazy. Meanwhile, a dumping ground of bodies is found at the bottom of a waterfall in Maryland. They’ve been pumped full of something (silicone, Hannibal says), and they deduce, with Hannibal’s help, that someone is making mannequins out of humans, and the bodies they’ve found are the discarded ones. Spooky, huh?

ImageWill asks to see Hannibal, and after the good Doctor talks it over with his therapist, it seems like he’ll turn the offer down. He doesn’t, and goes to visit Will in his cell. Good old Hannibal can’t resist playing a few games, and it will probably be his downfall. His therapist knows something isn’t right with him, and she tells him his obsession with Will needs to come to an end.

Also, he can’t help but keep up his flirtation with the FBI. He might have them all fooled for now, but (as we’ve already seen) Crawford is going to become wise to his game. It’s a dangerous thing he’s doing right now, and it was all topped off when he’s called in to consult on the case. The forensic tech even went as far as calling him the new Will Graham. Way to play to his ego!

ImageWill begins to remember what happened to him in those hazy moments. Hannibal was hypnotising him, and in a pretty gruesome scene, we see him shove a human ear into Will’s stomach via the kind of pipe usually used in intubation of the windpipe. Poor Will, watching him sitting there completely hopeless not only made us cringe, but shows us how far Hannibal’s willing to go to keep the game going.

It’s also pretty clear that we’ve got another messed up killer on our hands this season. Who writes these villains? Cause they’ve got some interesting minds, let me tell you.

Something I’d like to do this week is dedicate this review to a friend who passed away last week. My friend Paul was a huge fan of the show, and hopefully, in some way, he’ll get to keep watching it with us.

The Ninja


– Kaiseki : a traditional multi-course Japanese dinner. Appropriate!

– Not looking good for Will right now, is it?


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