Teen Wolf – Season 3 Episode 21 – The Fox And The Wolf Review

Picture 179

As the episode mentions, this is all about the fox and the wolf. Finally after not knowing much about Kira, her mum gave us the WHOOOOLE background. And boy was it exciting! It’s not uncommon for viewers to get discouraged after an episode of too many flashbacks, however this was much needed!

First Stiles, or whatever he is now, goes in search of the fox tails. He almost killed Kira’s dad in the process, but by the time his wife arrived Stiles was already gone. Kira gets the call and rushes to the classroom to make sure her dad is fine, but there was a whole load of info about to be dropped on her and Scott.

Picture 182

Picture 184

Her mum starts by saying that the woman in the picture is actually her, and it turns out she is 900 years old. She talks about 1943, and so the episode begins. We see Kira’s mum (played by Kira) as a young, stubborn fox, stealing from the soldiers. Eventually of course, she falls in love with one of them and it only leads to trouble.

Picture 183

Picture 187

During a riot amongst citizens who were dying of pneumonia, a werewolf woman threw a molotov bomb straight at the soldiers. Her lover was burnt alive, and due to the corruption of one of the doctors, there was no medicine left. Painful death for sure.

Picture 190

Kira’s mum summoned the evil kitsune, and the blade broke after she tried to kill him once. Now, here’s where it gets informative. Kira never gets sick, and she’s also a lightning kitsune. With her awesome powers she puts the blade back together and thanks her mum for the story. She clearly can’t trust her mum anymore but at this point she needs all the help she can get.

Now that the blade is back in one piece, it’s time to kills Stiles. nobody wants to do it, but if it’s the only choice at least now they have a weapon to do it. Hopefully Stiles will be safe and sound in the process.

Picture 192

Allison, Derek and her dad have teamed up full time with Stiles’ dad. He is keen on finding his son at any cost, and clearly having a werewolf and a few hunters by his side can’t do harm.

The old tree trunk where the fireflies come out of was originally a beautiful tree. Kira’s mum left her mess buried there. When Allison, Stiles and Scott did the ritual in the bathtubs, they pretty much unlocked the evil.

Picture 193

Picture 194


The Ninja’s Assistant


Allison having a breakdown was nice. Girl has too much pressure on her shoulders, and after all this is over she deserves a Caribbean Cruise.


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