Pretty Little Liars – Season 4 Episode 22 – Cover For Me Review

Picture 211

Tsk, tsk. The season is getting closer and closer to an end, and we’re still digging. Spencer is back from rehab and with a brand-new sponsor living in her house. (Ugh, it’s Kol from The Vampire Diaries/ The Originals) his previous English accent was so bad, that now it’s impossible to get him out of that character. However, being Spencer’s sponsor means that probably, he will end up involved just like everybody else.

Picture 207

Speaking of involvements, Aria is busy in Syracuse looking at a university, when she hooks up with a random musician guy. Understandably, she wanted to get Ezra out of her system, and boy did she do it! After an empty mini bar and some time in the lake, she says goodbye and returns to her old life. Not to be skeptical, but hasn’t she learned anything? After everything that’s gone down she should not be hooking up with random people!!!! Especially after what just happened!

Picture 208

Anyway, Mona and Mike are dunzo. Booo. We all knew that wasn’t going to last, and after Emily talks to Mike, she decides to go for the big fish, aka Mona. As we all suspected, Mona knew all about Ezra’s book and was only dating Mike to get information on Aria. She broke up with Mike because she didn’t want him getting involved. Poor kid is heartbroken Mona! Fix it!

Picture 213

Hanna arrives to conclusions of her own after the police question her about the anonymous note that Paige left at the police station. At first she doesn’t know who did it, but after seeing a birthday note from Paige on Emily’s room, it was clear.

Picture 210

Aria, now happy and sexified, goes to see Ezra. What she told him wasn’t pretty. He had gone to New York to return his advance on the book, with hopes of getting Aria back. Too late jefe, she’s moving on! Before she left she gave him a piece of her mind and he gave her the manuscript. She only took it because like us, she is desperate.

Spencer goes to bed and finds dirt on her sheets. Literally, soil from the garden in her cotton sheets. Also, she breaks a drawer to gain access to her phone, and so she ends up in Emily’s house.

Picture 209

They all talk about the standard problems of Ezra being back, etc. Aria tells them she read the manuscript, and this is where shiz goes boom : Ezra thinks A is Alison’s mum. Mrs DiLaurentis!

It makes sense, she would want for her daughter to return to her safe. However, let’s not forget the fact that A has been following and knowing all about those girls’ lives for years! Creep-o alert!

After Spencer gets told off by her parents (the poor girl has been busted more times than I can count), she stares out her window, and for a split second we saw Mrs DiLaurentis behind her! In the dark! Fortunately, Spencer’s mum arrived so it was all Coolio’s Gangsta’s Paradise.

Picture 216

Now A is fixing a dress, so who knows? It’s been a while since the liars have been to a party. Except for Aria who’s living it up!

Picture 217

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