Twisted – Season 1 Episode 15 – Danny Indemnity Review

Picture 2

Now that Vikram’s been found, everything should be blue skies for Danny, but sadly he’s got way too much on his mind to care. Jo texts Danny after her dad finds out about the body and so both of them head out to the crime scene. Karen was there too.

As we suspected, Vikram’s body wasn’t found in the woods. Well, it was but whoever moved the body staged a car crash! This means that whoever did it, knows about Danny and Jo. Thinks are becoming a bit too much, but despite all the lack of enthusiasm there are good news ahead.

Picture 12

Rico and Andie are now officially a couple, and although Jo’s happy for them, eventually she will feel the toll of not having someone to spend time with. Lacey and Danny are also a couple, so that leaves Jo with Charlie, who at this point is unclear whether he wants to start a new life or is just planning on sabotaging Danny’s even more.

After the news of Vikram’s death were delivered and Karen goes to identify the body, both her and Danny receive some interesting news. A lawyer shows up to their house to let them know that Danny is the only beneficiary of the ten million dollars of the insurance policy. Ch ching!

Picture 6

News travel fast and the next day in school, everybody wants a piece of Danny. It’s tough to watch because at times Danny is so dramatic. Jo and Lacey seem to be more strong minded than him. It would be nice to see him step up rather than be blaming himself for everything ALWAYS! Nobody wants to date/hang out with a drama queen Danny, no one!

By the way, Karen knows!!! She knows something because she told Danny to not blame himself.. hmmm…

During a charity auction Danny shows off his millions and after he confronts his mum. Karen is still pretending like she doesn’t know.

We also found out why Jo’s mum was helping Vikram. Not only did she know someone was trying to kill him, but she also told a very heartwarming story of how she had another baby before Jo. Vikram helped her to find a good family for the baby, etc.

Picture 16

Someone’s baby is going to come back I suppose?

Mystery, drama and a lot of teenage kissing.

The Ninja’s Assistant


Charlie, enlighten us with the story of your life, we want to know!

Whoever styles Danny’s hair, we approve!


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