Grimm – Season 3 Episode 14 – Mommy Dearest Review

ImageApart from the standard Royal Family conspiracies, and Adalind’s pregnancy we had an episode (finally) that centered on Sergeant Wu. All of the other main characters have had their own issues to face, and their own story arcs so it was about time that Wu got a little more screen time. In the same way that Hank had to be brought in on the otherside of the Grimm world, the question right now is, do they bring Wu in on it aswell?


Not only was it Wu’s friend’s wife that was attacked at the beginning of the episode, but Wu thinks he knows what’s caused it. He also thinks he’s losing his mind a little, but still bangs on about his theory. It was kind of sad to see him losing it, and I wasn’t that happy that he didn’t get brought in on it straight away. Between Renard, Hank and Nick, half the homicide squad already know more about the world they live in than Wu does.

ImageWe see Wu as a kid in the Philippines learning about a local mythical creature called the Aswang. Legend has it that they can climb trees quickly, and as we learn out at the beginning of the episode, they feed on amniotic fluid, but not before pumping their victims full of a sedative. Have no fear, the two best couples in Portland are on the case. Who else likes this formula? Nick, Juliette, Hank and Monrosalee are sitting around discussing cases much more this season, and I’m liking it!

ImageIt turns out that it’s just a family tradition that’s going down this week. The first born of an Aswang family is sacrificed to let the elderly members live on. Pretty nuts, right? This time, Sam doesn’t want his mom to, 1) Take his baby, and 2) Hurt Dana, but she goes ahead and sneaks her way in anyway. Wu sees Sam lying on the ground, and bursts into the house just to see the Aswang in action, fully woged. Nick shoots it in the head, and it turns back into Sam’s mom. Wu at this stage is losing his friggin’ marbles!


Poor dude ends up in an asylum, for now, and Nick and Hank can’t help but stop by to let him know that he saved Dana’s life and that he’s a hero!

Get better soon, Wu!

The Ninja


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